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CONTENTS 2/18/2021
Where Did They GO?
   Soup Brigade
   Rolling Luggage
   Please Call Off Hats And Scarves
Columbia Neighborhood Association Quarterly Meeting
Pass The Hat
Waste & Whatnot
Lost:  Chocolate Brown Mouton Mitten
Radio Free Fl!p: Home


When the Warming Center closed, where did the approximately 100 people who took shelter there go? I found this interesting chart on the numbers staying at Base Camp. I can’t see much of a change in numbers there. As near as I can tell, Base Camp numbers seem to include the Drop In Center numbers. Is there anyone out there who could talk with me about how the various agencies interlock? Who all does housing? Is there any information collected on who falls through the cracks, besides anecdotal observations?



It’s been amazing watching ingredients and supplies flow in and back out the door here! It was a busy day. And we’re getting more cooks lined up. You could be one of them! I forgot to mention yesterday that I got a couple big tins of tuna, and some cream of mushroom soup, and pasta. Would anyone be up for making Tuna Noodle Casserole? And I have mountains of dried beans. Tomato powder and canned tomato chunks. Harissa paste. And onions of course. Chili anybody? I still have potatoes, and a box of cornmeal. Eggs. We got a magnificent huge load of ingredients delivered yesterday. Several cooks are making cookies with the huge bag of chocolate chips that was donated. It sounds like tomorrow there will be a bunch of canned beans available to cook with. No need to soak them.

Someone spoke up for the corned beef, and will add potatoes, onions, etc for hash. And they also will make cornbread muffins loaded with bacon & cheese to serve with the hash. Yum!

I’ve added more cooking slots, so we can offer some meals to SwiftHaven folks, who are dealing with emotional issues among some of the residents. Many are coming out of survival mode, and a few are falling apart, which is to be expected. (Who hasn’t been shook up in an accident, felt kinda dazed and maybe a little numb, but not started noticing any feelings till finally safe at home?) The other residents are gathering around to support those who are struggling. We don’t expect this to be endless, but right now, we’re happy to get them some extra support while they do the work needed to build a real community out of 25 strangers who have been in survival mode for a long time.


I asked yesterday, and by this evening seven rolling suitcases & a backpack showed up. Outreachers are sorting out who can make good use of them, and which individuals are likely to be able to hold on to them in the event of another sweep. Thank you to every one of you!!! Amazing!


Sorry. They’ve been glorious! At this point local needs have been met. But they still really need heavy, padded, warm socks with wool or polyester content and no cotton. And Large & Extra-Large Men’s gloves. Gloves get worn out, torn, and lost. And most of the folks with the least shelter, are men. So we need big gloves!


Wednesday, February 24, 2021 at 6:15 PM PST
Online – Zoom Call

Join us for a Neighborhood Town Hall and hear updates and action items from our City Council – Hannah Stone, Mayor – Seth Fleetwood, Whatcom PUD Commissioner – Christine Grant and State Legislator – Alicia Rule

The Town Hall focus is local to statewide updates and actions we can take.

1) Welcome and CNA Announcements
2) CNA Treasurer’s and MNAC Report
3) Get to Know Your Neighbors Activity
4) Neighborhood Town Hall
5) Membership Drive
6) Board Elections
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 883 3296 8863
Passcode: 088987


On Tuesday afternoon Feb 16, our Victor Street neighbor Yoav Yanich lost everything to a very tragic house fire. As neighbors and friends we want to do what we can to help him get back on his feet. We’d also like to help him pay for a memorial service for his partner Laura, who perished in the fire. The fire department said the fire appears to have been caused by a daisy chain of electrical plugs — or a string of surge protectors plugged into other surge protectors.


Thank you for any contribution. I will keep it up for a couple more days. In just a few hours we are at $4,875. Amazing! Love this community!
Katie Jorgensen, Victor Street

Yoav did find his cat today, and the place he is staying is going to permit him to keep his cat with him. That part lets me cry a little… ~Fl!p


This is a moment in time to make sure everyone knows about this local organization. I have been donating $2 a month to them for many years. Here’s a quote from their website.

We help Whatcom County families by providing financial relief from tragic events. Tragedy brings more than just grief and loss; it also brings hospital bills, ambulance bills, funeral expenses and more. It’s too much to bear for families already facing heartbreaking situations.

How it works is simple: You sign up to give $2 a month, every month. That’s it. Meanwhile, thousands of fellow community members do the same, and your small $2 contribution becomes enormously powerful, helping local families.

We don’t rely on fundraisers, auctions or large donations. We rely on many people giving just a little. We provide a way for every person to make an impact, even if they have hardly anything to give. It’s simple, 100% local and incredibly powerful.

For families that do not need their financial help, they also offer grief counseling. I invite you all to join me in this small, brilliant effort. $2 a month. They won’t accept more from any one person.  Love/Fl!p



Whatcom County’s long standing recycling company, NW Recycling, is ceasing business on February 1, 2021. This leaves Whatcom County without a local processor for our recyclable materials and likely means there will some big changes to our local recycling services.



Very warm mitten – furry on the inside. Not sure if I lost it in our ‘hood or downtown. Sure would love to be able to wear it again.  ~ Sara Todd, Henry Street  saraswati.todd@gmail.com


Karla Bonoff wrote this one, and sings it. What you don’t see, but can hear, is the extraordinary Nina Gerber’s lead guitar in the background. My life has an endless internal soundtrack. Thank goodness (and Zeke!) our house is quiet enough that I can listen to it.


Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street flip@columbianeighborhood.org

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