Soup Brigade; COVID Comic; Radio Free Fl!p: Family Duets

CONTENTS 2/17/2021
Soup Brigade
Covid Comic
Radio Free Fl!p: Family Duets


I think I’m going to just write up my marvelous new ingredients list and go to bed two hours early tonight. I hope it inspires a bunch of cooks. I’d love to sign you up to keep the home-made meals flowing!

Start with canned corn beef. And potatoes & onions! Want to make corned beef hash? I used to love that stuff! I’ve got barley, and beef soup base and onions & more potatoes & carrots & celery. Not too much more needed to make beef barley soup! White cornmeal, yellow cornmeal, powdered buttermilk, butter (cornbread anyone?) Coconut flour, gluten free pancake mix, cream of wheat, powdered eggs, raisins (good baking stuff here). Pasta, rice, lentils, white beans, pinto beans, freeze dried veggie flakes. Canned tomatoes & tomato powder.  Medium shredded cheddar, plus sharp, plus mozzarella. Bacon!!!! And containers for everything. And a pot-and-pan lending library. I have lots of open dates, and would LOVE to sign you up to make something yummy for about 25 people.


This is a fun explanation of science.


I got to play some videos of sibling duets for my grand-twins during their music lessons today. Family members singing together have a built-in advantage with matching vowels, consonants and a common sense of phrasing. I played them some Everly Brothers & Louvin Brothers. And Patrinell Wright and the Total Experience Gospel Choir from Seattle to talk about ornaments & phrasing. Then I found this jewel: Glen Campbell and his MOM singing duets!

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