Why Shovel? Lunar New Year


I was wondering if everyone who is able to could please shovel your sidewalks and walkways.

Here’s why: letter carriers need to be able to use the sidewalks.  Pedestrians use the sidewalks.  Cars use the streets but they can’t if the streets are full of pedestrians who can’t use the sidewalks.  EMS, if called, needs access to walkways and sidewalks.  Once the temperature drops and it’s icy, it will be more difficult to clear the sidewalks and more dangerous for pedestrians, et al.

If you don’t have a snow shovel, ask a neighbor who does.  If you are unable to shovel your walk, ask a neighbor who can and offer them some compensation, if possible.  If you are young and strong, you could get out there and offer to help your neighbors. Thank you!! ~ Susan Kroll


Since you’re acknowledging “Chinese New Year” I thought I should respond.

Since it’s the biggest holiday of the year in Korea and Vietnam as well as China, and has been for many centuries (and until 1872 was also the biggest holiday of the year in Japan) I’ve long preferred to call it (in English) the “Lunar New Year.” It has been the biggest holiday of my own personal year for a couple of decades, and the large-scale social interaction I miss most is that at traditional parties among the Asian and Asian-oriented folks in our region on both sides of the border.


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