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CONTENTS 1/14/2021
Soup Brigade
Needs List
Laundry Help
Swifthaven Needs
Flo Simon Speaks
Dead Birds At Feeders
Zoom Theatre
Piroshky Piroshky
Coty Hogue & Aaron Guest
Radio Free Fl!p: Arise Arise


Today’s Ingredients: Some carrots, (carrot muffins anyone?) 20# rice, 4# lentils, three 4# bags of pasta (Ziti, penne), three 5# sacks and three 2# sacks of shredded cheddar. (Please come get the cheese!)  There’s a big tub of curry paste (wouldn’t that be great with lentils & onions?). About 15# of onions. Fifteen dozen eggs. Three jars of chicken soup base. Seven huge cans of Chili, and cheese & onions to go with them, for those who would rather heat food that make it from scratch.

Sign up here to keep a steady flow of meals, and then come pick up soup pots,  ingredients & individual containers from me. I’ll be glad to talk you through the process.


Headlamps, back-up phone batteries,  AA & AAA. Warm scarves, balaclavas, hats, gloves, thick wool socks, re-usable rain ponchos. Boots, sleeping bags, WOOL blankets, rain gear. At this point I can accept these here, at 2518 Cherry Street. It helps if you call first to let me know you’re coming: 360-671-4511. I’ve got several Zoom meetings to work around tomorrow. Thank you!


My friend Shari has suggested that any camper at City Hall can put 1 load of blankets a in turquoise bag from the goods tent. Campers are invited to put in bags in a pile by the big tree by the food tent. Anyone can pick up a bag, launder and return to donations tent. Clear plastic bags are best, so it’s easy to see what’s in the bag.


Plywood – larger pieces to build a low pony wall around the kitchen tent. They are also working on building a laundry & shower facility, so if you are replacing appliances soon, they might be able to use some. Plus more plywood! SwiftHaven has a facebook page of their own, and it’s a good way to communicate. If you start your post with “@Paul Morse” he’ll get back to you, but not quickly because it’s hard to get a decent internet connection there. SwiftHaven – 1555 Puget Street, behind Civic Field.


Women of Color Speaker Series Registration –
Thursday January 21, 2021 12:00 – 1:30 PM

Go to the website below to register for the first of the YWCA four-part Women of Color Speaker Series: Race and Gender in Whatcom County! This presentation will feature Flo Simon, Interim Police Chief of the Bellingham Police Department. Chief Simon’s presentation will be on Thursday, January 21, from 12-1:30pm PDT.


I thought this information I got from Indivisible might help reassure our neighbors.  The march Protect the Vote that was rescheduled for Jan. 22 has been cancelled. They ask people to celebrate the inauguration and election victories at home or safely with neighbors following Covid guidelines. ~ Kathy Piscitello


Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is asking the public to take down bird feeders, including hummingbird feeders due to the spread of salmonellosis.  Please try to avoid handling a sick or dead bird and bring in your cats if you find a sick or dead bird near your home. The request is in place until at least February.  WDFW would like you to report dead birds online at

Can you please post update and warn people to wear gloves when removing/cleaning feeders.  Thank you, as alway.  Carolyn Gray


Dear Columbia neighbors, thank you for your past support of my theatrical endeavors! I have a new play coming up which you will be able to watch in the comfort of your own living room, live-streamed over Zoom from the Sylvia Center for the Arts. Julian the Humble is based on the life and writings of 14th-century mystic Julian of Norwich, but was heavily inspired by our collective experience of quarantine and isolation over the past year. At the age of thirty, while deathly ill, Julian experienced a series of visions. She left the secular world behind and moved into a small cell outside a church, where she lived for many years, writing about her visions. While the life of an anchorite is hard for most of us to imagine, it’s fair to say that all of us have seen the physical boundaries of our world shrink over the past year. Much has been lost, but ultimately, Julian the Humble is about the forces that continue to bind us, through walls, space, and time. It is performed by Dawn Hunter and Lauren Brigolin, and directed by Sean Cook and Glenn Hergenhahn-Zhao. The show runs January 22, 23, 29, 30, and February 5, 6. Each performance will be live-streamed, not a recording. Virtual “tickets” are by donation. For details and tickets, please visit Thank you for your support of the arts during these unprecedented times!  – Rosalind Reynolds, Park Street


Sunday January 17 Pre-Order & Pop Up at Lummi Market, 4839 Rural Ave, Bellingham, WA 98226. Pick up and enjoy freshly baked Piroshky Piroshky as you pick up your Pre-Order!!! Pre-Order Cutoff At: 01/16/2021 2:00 PM Minimum pre-order: $35,


Tomorrow night we will be bringing back the duo for the Fairhaven College Winter music series and the Folk Music Experience class, streaming here on Facebook at 7 PM PST! This time with better sound, better video, and hopefully no false starts!   Join us here at 7 PM PST:


Jean Rohe and even more friends. I got to host her here in a concert some years back. It’s nice to see she is still growing.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

If you’re willing to share your phone and address with me, personally, I would love that, and would not share it further without your express permission.

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

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