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Please Write
I Don’t Know What To Do
Today’s Ingredients
Converting Recipes
Free Ink
Bellingham Folk Festival
Radio Free Fl!p: Nobody Knows You When You’re Down & Out


The people camping out on the city hall lawn are not The Problem. The problem is that our fellow citizens have nowhere to go. Please keep writing our elected officials. Be kind to them, but please be clear that we as a community need to take action now.

City Hall’s street address is 210 Lottie Street, 98225.
The Whatcom County Courthouse address is 311 Grand Avenue, 98225


Tiny Homes were due this morning, but did not arrive.  Hopefully tomorrow.


What is most needed is tiny homes, motels, and other safe, dry, heated spaces for people who have lost their homes to go to, immediately. What is most needed at the current encampment is sensitive volunteers on the ground: strong, knowledgable wilderness experts who really know how to set up a tent. And who can follow the lead of someone with personal relationships with the struggling folks with their collapsed tents. The known, long term volunteers can sensitively help a resident sort through their soaked belongings, leaving the owner in control to salvage what is possible. The long term outreach volunteer needs to direct tent replacement. Any new volunteers need to be able to follow the lead and direction of experienced folks. Even two or three such helpers could make a world of difference.

But to do that work involves possible exposure to both Covid and people’s potential upset feelings. If I’m no longer going downtown myself (70 and immune compromised) how can I ask anyone else to go? But the tents only help when they are set up properly, and the campers have neither the skills nor energy after months in the cold wind and rain.

If you have ideas or interest, please let me know.


Lots of lentils, lots of rice, still got pasta. Got two 5# bags of shredded cheddar. I’ve got a big tub of curry paste. 20# or so of onions. Two big cans of chopped tomatoes. 15 dozen eggs or so. Jars of chicken or beef soup base. One jar of Pesto. 1# of real Butter. Does any of that sound inspiring? We have soup pots, restaurant pans, paper soup cups and lids, dinner boxes, and bakery bags. Sign up on the MealTrain and come pick up some goodies. Double up with a buddy to sign up if you want to cook for fewer than 50. Or sign up for a 20 person snack. Write the date on each portion lid.


Our to-go meal cups hold 16 oz = two cups = one pint. Our dinner boxes hold more. Today we added classic take-out boxes with fold-over tops but no metal pail handle. Also 16 oz.

For 50 one-cup servings, start with 7 cups total of uncooked rice. Bring 14 cups (3.5 quarts) total of water to a boil. Add rice, cover, cook on low for about 12 minutes, then keep checking till the rice is done. This will fill fifty 16-oz cups half full with cooked rice.

One 4# bag of Ziti pasta should yield 36 cups of cooked noodles. If the noodles are part of soup, that’s probably enough for 50. If you’re making a casserole you may need a bag and a half.

You’ll need a different pot to cook chili or stew or spaghetti sauce with cheese, or whatever you want to put over the top of the starch. You’ll need about another 3.5 gallons of whatever goes on top.

Basic bean soup: 6 pounds beans, soaked over nights; 6 gallons of stock; 3 pounds each of diced & sautéed carrots, celery & onions; 3 pounds or more of diced ham.

If you need a bigger pot or pots, borrow from me and then return them so others can use them.

We’re trying to tuck in as much protein, fat & starch as possible. Folks who live outside in winter need to eat like lumberjacks to survive. Cheesy hamburger noodle bake was one of the offerings that flew out of the food tent fastest. And homemade muffins & cookies…


I have a confession that I often repeat to myself: “I am utterly unprepared to handle the challenges life has placed before me. However, fortunately or unfortunately, I happen to be the best person available…” Thank you all for sticking with me.


Our old Canon Printer gave up the ghost. I have about 5 of the 250/251 black ink cartridges to give anyone who can use them. Just text or email Beth Fuller, 360 389-1391 or


One of the most delightful local events I know, and virtual this year. And go look at the poster! Maybe the best ever! Blow it up big so you can read it. It is SO funny!!!


Scrapper Blackwell

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

If you’re willing to share your phone and address with me, personally, I would love that, and would not share it further without your express permission.

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

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