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Sleeping Pads
Donating Clothing
Oops! Boxes
Today’s Ingredients
Found Jacket
Two Women (And Dog) Seeking House To Rent
Radio Free Flip: Keys To The Highway


Closed-cell foam sleeping pads would be a great gift! The need is urgent enough I would accept them here at the house. The best I’ve seen have a reflective layer on top, about $15. A huge contrast to sleeping directly on the ground in winter.


Here’s the deal with clothing. Folks without homes have no storage. The clothes & equipment they need are things that will still keep them warm even when they are wet, and in the wind – like today. If you have some clothes like that, YES people could use them! But again, they have no storage. And right now the choke point in this list is a shortage of knowledgeable, experienced outreach volunteers to connect objects with the vulnerable folks who need them.

I’m working with technical volunteers to create an online form where donors can describe what they have, and trusted outreach workers can look for what’s needed. Then, with me as a go-between, they will be able to ask donors to hold just those items till the items can be  picked up for distribution, or until there is a place for donations to be dropped off and stored.

So could you go thru your stuff and hold just the “camping” kind of clothes and equipment, and hold them for long enough for me to get the form up and running? I’m not talking about the whole city, just the folks on this list. You’re wonderful, and I don’t want to waste your generosity!!!


Curious if SmartFood ok’d the general community coming to use their boxes for non-customer use.  Those boxes are the only thing customers have to put purchases in, not sure they want a stream of folks taking them if they’re not buying groceries there. Thanks for checking. ~ Rodd Pemble

Oops! I just checked with them. Have gotten moving boxes there for decades. They said it was fine to take no more than 10 boxes a day. I’ll encourage cooks to get their boxes elsewhere, and to go easy on SmartFood. Thanks! Love/Fl!p


Lots of lentils, lots of rice, still got pasta. Canned tuna. Got lots more shredded cheddar today. I’ve got a big tub of curry paste. #50 or so of onions. A case of chopped tomatoes. 20 dozen eggs or so. Chicken, Ham & Beef soup base. Pesto. Lots of real Butter. Does any of that sound inspiring? We have soup pots, restaurant pans, paper soup cups and lids, dinner boxes, and bakery bags. Sign up on the MealTrain and come pick up some goodies. (If you really want/need to cook sooner than the MealTrain has openings, please contact me. We might have an option.)


Found a nice, heavy jacket close to Meridian Haggen.  I have it in the washing machine right now; will put in the dryer. Call or text Joan Gassland-Smith 360 303 4983


Dear neighbors – does anyone have an electric keyboard/portable digital piano gathering dust that I might borrow or rent for a month as I consider purchasing one?  I played the piano for many years as a youngster but haven’t had a chance to play for years. During these long days of staying home to stay healthy I’m feeling drawn to see if I still know how to play or could resurrect my long ago passion!  Please email me at or text me at 650-387-5891 Thank you! ~ Dina Gibbs, Park Street


We are two women (age 70 and 71) who are combining households. We hope to find a 3-bedroom, 2-bath house to rent in the Columbia, Sunnyland, or Lettered Streets neighborhood. We are looking for a long-term rental with a yard where we can garden, relax, play with grandchildren, and throw balls for Toby (a sweet Mini-Aussie). Peggy, a retired Certified Nurse-Midwife, is moving from Seattle to Bellingham to live with Emily, who has lived here 30 years and works as a fundraiser for WWU. Each of us owned our own homes for many years, and we will take very good care of yours. Please contact:  Emily Weiner, 360.961.3326 or 

[Emily has been a dear friend for half my lifetime. I will happily vouch for her. ~ Fl!p]


Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee. I was hunting for video of them doing Trouble In Mind, but I found this first. I heard them play live in Seattle in maybe 1969? Anyway, they were in a tavern and I wasn’t yet 21. Somehow the door guy didn’t ask… I drank ginger ale all night and drank in the music. They were amazing. And the sun is still going to shine in my back door someday.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

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