Encampment Report; More Artists Etc Invitation; 5G Protest Planned; Song: I Cannot Sleep

CONTENTS 12/18/2020
City Hall Encampment
   Big Picture
   Soup Brigade Supplies
   Mealtrain Signup
   Used Backpack?
More Artists, Artisans & Small Businesses
5G Protest Planned
Radio Free Fl!p: I Cannot Sleep


Folks from this list have delivered 10 bales of straw (looks like they could use more), many large sheets of cardboard (still need more), at least a cord of firewood, a functioning van that locks for secure storage and transport, and two fire bowls. There has been a wonderful daily flow of hot soup, casseroles, mac&cheese, applesauce, and hard boiled eggs. Also home-made cookies, muffins and other sweet, gentle food. Your donations have also funded individual containers for serving all that food.

Big Picture

You have sent supportive emails and made phone calls about how urgent the need is to the Mayor’s office, City Council, County Executive, County Council. You’ve warmed my heart a hundred times over. We’re not done yet, of course. But it means the world to me that when my heart pulled me forward to try to assist, you had and still have my back. Thank you!

There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they’re falling in.” Bishop Desmond Tutu

Soup Brigade Supplies

For the Soup Brigade (which does so much more than soup) a volunteer made a run on SmartFood (used to be Cash&Carry) this evening. We now have plenty of 16oz soup cups and lids, an a bunch 8 oz ones as well for applesauce and other foods that are better in smaller portions. We also have a bunch of flatter, wider dinner packs for serving non-soup meals. We have white parchment paper bakery bags for packaging cookies and half-sandwiches and such. Please contact me before you come so I can meet you with your supplies. I’m trying very hard to keep a safe distance in addition to masking up, so I’d prefer it if you’d come knock and then retreat to the foot of the stairs while we talk.

In addition to individual portion containers, I have lots of rice, pasta, some beans, plenty of onions, and still have some potatoes. Come get ‘em.

I have enough egg cartons now to last at least till next summer. Thank you!

MealTrain Signup


Look for meals that have no one signed up yet, and also look for folks who have signed up to bring fewer than 50 meals. Click on that person’s name, and coordinate with them to bring enough food between you. Your meals don’t have to match. Variety is a good thing. If you are bringing fewer than 50 meals, make sure you note that so others can supplement yours as well. Together, we can do this well!

Used Backpack?

Needed for 23 year old at encampment who has had his belongings stolen. Can someone spare one?

~ Love / Fl!p Breskin 2518 Cherry Street 360-671-4511


My hunch was right. There are more. I’ll do a second edition, much more promptly this time. Send me a short paragraph (emphasis on short!) description and contact info, ASAP.


Sunday December 20th 2020, 4-5 PM at the corner of W. Holly Street and Bay Street.

Whatcom Citizens for Responsible Technology ask: If Skagit County and Chattanooga Tennessee, can have safe, inexpensive public fiber, available to all, why can’t we?



Rosalie Sorrels sings. Written by the incomparable Malvina Reynolds. Two of my heroes.


Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street flip@columbianeighborhood.org

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