Encampment Support Needed; Enough Cardboard; Delivery? More; Tune: The Hills Are Bare

CONTENTS 12/17/2020
City Hall Encampment
   Support Needed
   Enough Cardboard
Thank You Columbia
Rental Wanted
Radio Free Fl!p: The Hills Are Bare


Our soups are making a real difference. And your donations are funding not only containers and ingredients, but also tents, tarps, hand warmers, and so much more!

You can sign up for the MealTrain here. If you do, make sure you specify how many servings you plan to bring. And if it doesn’t look like there’s room or need for you, look closer. Click on the name of someone who is bringing fewer than 50 servings and see if you can coordinate so there’s enough to go around. Worst case, just make your soup and take it in hot! Everything we take is being eaten at this point.


~ Fl!p Breskin 2518 Cherry Street 360-671-4511


Besides food & supplies, a really big thing needed is support for our local officials to act immediately. Your emails and phone calls can make a difference. It’s very important to be warmly polite, and brief, while encouraging them to create enough emergency shelter right now, and longer term shelter as soon as possible. County Executive, Mayor, City Council, County Council all have a role to play. And so do we. Democracy is not a spectator sport.


Except really big sheets. Or boxes that nest really well for soup transport (not so huge). Nesting boxes should come to me. Big sheets go straight to City Hall. And Elie who owns Samuel’s Furniture told me he would send his delivery van to take boxes that sofas arrive in. Campers and volunteers will also need help getting the cardboard into place if anyone can stay and help.

The car dealerships receive large parts like bumpers in huge cardboard boxes. People who are near dealerships could contact the Parts Depts and ask them to hold some before they cut ’em up for the recycle bin. I’ll do that Friday and see if I can score some at a dealership I have a geezer retirement part time job at. ~ Joel Brossard

Does anyone have a pick-up truck? We’ve got someone with three bales of straw that needs transport to the site as well. Check with Fl!p.


Flip, we’re wondering if you have or could facilitate people willing to pick up cardboard and/or firewood from donors in the hood to be taken to the encampment?  We have some but really don’t want to make the trip there ourselves, and are thinking there are probably more older folks like us. ~ John Stewart

[Reply to me and I’ll connect you. There are all kinds of deliveries needed. Thanks! /Fl!p]


I picked up some of Jennifer’s free gift cards to send to isolated seniors in facilities. I’ll have some apartment neighbors sign them too… that they’re not the only ones feeling bored or lonely. !! I did this early in Covid and was told they’re really appreciated. ~ Gillian Brightwater


Our family asked for leads on urgent affordable housing in Seattle a few weeks ago, and we are so grateful for all of the people who shared ideas, asked friends, posted on forums, and even offered their own rentals to us. Our family has secured a place to live, and we are so grateful to all.

Thank you, ~ Lauren Beven, Monroe Street


Hello, I’m looking for a rental for February 1. I moved here from Atlanta in September and have been staying with friends in the Lettered Streets neighborhood. I am looking for a house or apartment to rent in this general area.  2 beds and 1 bath are fine as long as there is room for a dining table.  Larger is okay too! I have a cat.  I am recently retired.
~ Joanna Colrain 404-423-3213  colrain@mac.com


Harper Tasche. Elizabeth Rogers & Eugene Friesen. I learned this song from Harper Tasche, who plays it as an instrumental on (surprise!) harp. He said he got it from his childhood Lutheran hymnal. I looked up the words and knew I needed to sing it. So tonight, you get Harper. You’ll get me, and the words, maybe even tomorrow.


Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street flip@columbianeighborhood.org

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

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