City Hall: Firewood, Tents, Blankets, Tarps; Soup Brigade; Applesauce; Swift Haven; More; Song: Sometimes A Little Light Can Be Enough

CONTENTS 12/15/2020
City Hall
  Firewood Needed
  Tents, Blankets, Tarps
  Soup Brigade
    Apple Picker’s Reel
Swift Haven
More Dog Calming
More Bird Houses
Lost Blue Kids Patagonia Jacket
Radio Free Flip: Sometimes A Little Light Can Be Enough


For the burn barrel and fire bowl. With nowhere to go inside, fire is increasingly important for warmth.


There is an abundance of clothes on site at this point. What they need is more essentials like blankets and tarps. Especially sturdy real wool blankets that stay warm when wet. Hot cocoa packets. Big sheets of cardboard to lay on the ground to deal with the mud.


Help! A lovely neighbor with no time to cook just delivered 50# of potatoes, another #25 of onions, lots and lots of dried beans, split peas, noodles, concentrated soup stocks, canned tomatos, rice, coconut milk, curry paste, and more to-go cups. Please, let me know what you want, and I’ll pack it up for you to pick up and cook! Especially potatoes so they don’t turn green… Scalloped potatoes? Chowder? Shepherd’s Pie?

It turns out cardboard boxes are highly valued. They are being flattened and laid on the ground to ease the problem with mud. So pack your individual soup containers in nested cardboard boxes to insulate them for the trip, and leave the boxes.

A MealTrain signup cancelled on making dinner tonight at the last minute, and three different households from the Soup Brigade leaped to the rescue. Thank you SO much!!!


Processed ~20 pounds into 17 hot pints and delivered to the smiles that i was hoping for to find. I will whittle down over the next few days the mound of apples via 3-4 more deliveries. I keep on getting mashers of increasing capacity offered. in no time my apprenticing first steps in saucy things turn towards a “serious” grind in my day.  How fun and sweat can be so happy siblings! And make the outcome sweeter! I would like, of course, to thank all the good souls offering their assistance, down to a handful of incredible earthy cinnamon sticks from Dominica. All there is now, Fl!p, you have to supply us with an applesauce song. Cheers! ~ Max Eberhard


[From former Williams Street neighbor Larry Hanks, written in 1966 and recorded almost 50 years ago!]

APPLESAUCE…another hot, saucy thing:

the great idea of double boxing the hot pints of sauce or soup in wine boxes for extra insulation (and only those are perfect to fit my trailer) is taking a toll on my consumption. i can’t keep up. with each hot delivery i leave the boxes at the Cityhall camp. to get more from TJ’s by bike (that’s where they are in abundance) can be a fun task with nifty rain shower calculations and thoughtful set up – , but if anybody in the ‘hood who satisfies with certain liquids as well or is just shopping over there anyway may grab a few next time and, please, drop (nesting ones!) under my tarp by my poetry box on the corner of Victor/W. Connecticut  ?!  i would be tickled pink and laugh at the rain a bit more dryly.

i so much appreciate your patience, attention and help with all these boring soup/sauce brigade details. Thanks. Cheers! Max


Donations are now being collected for the new emergency TinyHomes Village at Civic Field. First: Cash. Also any of these, based on need.

-beds (frames/mattresses – Twin) -dressers -shelves -desks -internet -water pumps -Kitchen/Laundry facilities -Washer/Dryer -Appliances -Electric cables -hoses -Fridges -Basic household items -Security system -Laptops



Hi neighbors. Some things to keep in mind when trying to catch a loose dog… do not approach, the dog is in flight mode. Look as non-threatening as possible, crouch down low, look down, have treats on you that you ‘accidentally’ drop & make sounds like you’re eating yummy food. Hope some of these lost pups are found soon. ~ Katie Jorgensen


Re: bird houses – and do NOT put a peg by the entry hole – predators use them ~ Jack Kintner

Yes, Seattle Times has a paywall, which is why I got Rod to summarize for you.  Love/Fl!p


At Elizabeth Park. Validating my wife’s belief that I “lose things all the time,” I may have left our son’s jacket at Elizabeth Park last Thursday. Please help me exit the doghouse and return it if you’ve found it… Thanks in advance. ~ Matt Dowling 360.927.8582


Bob Franke, who has written some of my favorite and most enduring songs. One for the season.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

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