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CONTENTS 12/13/2020
City Hall Report
  Soup Brigade
  Laundry Help?
  Zipper Replacement
Dog Tale
Free Holiday Cards
Radio Free Fl!p: Glory Of Love


I am deeply moved by all the supplies flowing in and out of my front entry! The folks at the encampment truly have no place to go inside and warm up.  Hot soup can warm a person from the inside out. We have plenty of soup containers (2 cases!), and #25 onions. We also have some non-soup take-out containers (hot oatmeal, casseroles and other solid-ish foods) and as of this afternoon, thousands of parchment paper bakery bags that will hold cookies, muffins, cake and even sandwiches. I’ve got a couple soup pots available at the moment. They flow in and out. Call me at 360-671-4511 to let me know you’re coming, and come by to pick up supplies at 2518 Cherry Street.

They still need basics: firewood, blankets, drinking water, hot cocoa packets, chemical hand warmers, Mylar emergency blankets , gloves , etc. These can be taken directly to city hall and delivered to the food tent or supply tent next to it. Mask up when you go, and look for a volunteer to hand things over to for distribution. I’d receive it here but my front entry is full of food… A neighbor did offer a fire bowl, which is wonderful!

Please sign up if you can find a space on the MealTrain, and include how many servings you will be bringing so others can see where they might best fill in. If it doesn’t look like there’s space, you can take soup anyway. It’s all getting eaten.

~ Fl!p Breskin 2518 Cherry Street 360-671-4511


A person could stop by the encampment during the day and ask for camper Melissa, who keeps the clothing tent in order. I would recommend asking her for some abandoned wet blankets to put in a bag, then wash/dry and return to the supply tent, as often we are short of warmth as tents get wet. Lack of Dry warm shelter, and lack of lockable dry storage structures for keeping donations dry is a main challenge. There is a real need for big clear plastic totes: waterproof, stacking storage, no more than 13.5” tall. Hinged lids are a bonus, so the lids can’t get separated, but even with separate lids they will be helpful. ~ Heather Ktahdn


Update: I have masher(s)! And other ingredients as well or on their way. Someone will actually take apples from my stash and help process in their kitchen. So the saucy feeling already spreads. I will leave the pallet and the tarp by the little library/poetry box in front at the corner of Victor/W. Connecticut. If there are more donations we can keep this going. I will check the tarp regularly. Also, the very bottom drawer of the file cabinet is now my dry small drop off. Please, don’t open the top one, because the poetry box door swelled enough in the rain to be in the way. ~ ”Max” Eberhard Eichner


I have been picking up a box of tangerines whenever I go to any grocery store, and I drop them off at the city hall camp. This is an easy donation for people who work (like me) and might not have the time or energy to cook… I know it’s not hot food— but certainly portable, nutritious and doesn’t need any cooking by the folks there. ~ Aurora Fox


Is there someone who could replace a zipper on a down coat so it could be donated for the City Hall encampment? Check with me, Fl!p


Yesterday I started getting messages about a loose dog – black with a pink collar & leash. I sent out one of those very fast messages that doesn’t get to everyone (sorry) but gets out really quickly. And for the rest of the day until midnight I kept hearing from neighbors who had spotted the dog but couldn’t catch it or talk it into coming. I heard from one neighbor who had talked to someone out in a car looking for it. That neighbor gave me a phone number and address. I kept phoning the number (land line) including at midnight when I had yet another report, but no one ever answered the messages I left. I suspect the number was wrong. We started again this morning. I’ve had reports all day, and no luck with the answering machine. I got a phone call just a little while ago that a neighbor on Eldridge had the dog in their back yard, but not contained, and too scared to come. They were putting out food and going way away to not scare it into leaving. And phoned me. So I tried again on the number I had been given. Thought about driving to the address, but my eyes aren’t very good at night. So I looked at my neighborhood list and found an address just a few doors away and texted and called for help. She was wonderful! Walked down to her neighbors and knocked on the door. Gave them my number. They called me, and called the neighbors on Eldridge. Now I’m waiting to see what happened. They had just gotten the dog so we don’t know for sure if the dog will come to them. Fingers crossed.

Darn! Just got this message: “They did come by but we weren’t able to catch it. Maybe they got it after they left! I hope so!!”

Texting now with Gage, her new human: “Sadly we couldn’t find her. We’re going to come back tomorrow and look during the daytime on the tracks. We were able to contact the person who said that she’s been coming into their yard from the railroad tracks so she’s living on the side of that hill right there. She doesn’t know her name yet but she was kind of answering to Shadow or Delilah. She is very skittish. She won’t bite though. Her last owners were abusive; that’s why she won’t let anyone near her. More information about her: she’s wearing a pink collar with paws on it and a pink leash. She is very skittish and runs. She normally keeps her tail between her legs a lot.”

Sounds like, if you see the dog tomorrow, call Gage Moon at (360) 972-1178. Poor thing is out alone on some way-too-busy streets. Her new home is at 2700 Northwest Ave.

But YOU my dear neighbors!!! All of you! Such kindness, and from so many of you! I thank you on behalf of a poor scared lonely dog. With luck we’ll get her safely home in the morning.


30 handmade cards & envelopes, free to whoever needs them (you can take as many as you like). We inadvertently made too many! Contact Jennifer Dannenberg, Lynn St:  510-604-5279


Big Bill Broonzy classic. I got to play his guitar back in 1971 at the Old Town School Of Music in Chicago. You can hear why that might have been kind of big deal for me…

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

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