City Hall Report: Swift Haven; Soup Brigade; Storage; Fire Bowl?; Applesauce, More; Song: Deep Peace

CONTENTS 12/12/2020
City Hall Report
   Swift Haven
   Soup Brigade
   Waterproof Storage
   Fire Bowl?
Applesauce: Hand Mill Needed
   Sugar, Molasses, Cinnamon Sticks
Found Glasses
Free Printer
Robin Elwood Concert Online
Radio Free Fl!p: Deep Peace


The new emergency encampment, Swift Haven, for over 30 people will be opening at Civic Field this coming week. Campers will continue to live in tents until the tiny homes arrive later this month. Two or three more sites are under negotiation. I am hoping a secure parking lot for those camping in vehicles is included in the plans. Although this is excellent news, it barely scratches the surface of the need in our community right now.

My heart has been cracked wide open by the generosity of neighbors and friends far and near. We’re pretty well set up now for the Soup Brigade, and I expect it will be needed for weeks and maybe months yet. I have volunteer drivers to deliver soup. A wonderful couple brought a second set of hundreds of ToGo cups and lids. We still have a couple soup pots folks can pick up to cook in. I have onions, potatoes, squash, lentils, and some canned goods that could go into your soup or stew. You can cook once, or weekly, or whatever works for you. You can sign up with the MealTrain at the end of this post, with how many you can feed, or even just take it in. So far, everything is being eaten. Our soup is all being delivered hot (they have no way to heat food) as individual portions. The last few days we’ve also gotten to take down some cakes and cookies – individually wrapped again. Sometimes food is love. And respect for human needs.

I plan to take some of the funds folks have donated, and put it towards waterproof, stackable storage containers so clothing and such that has been donated can be kept dry. Apparently the supply tent blew down in the rain and everything got soaked. So I’m holding the scarves, gloves and socks that a few folks have brought till we can get the storage containers down there. (Please take donations to city hall or Unity Village in Fairhaven, not here. My space is full of food supplies.) I hope to come up with storage containers tomorrow.

There is also a question of whether anyone has an outside metal fire-bowl they might donate. Cold people appreciate being able to gather around a fire to warm their hands. Multiple fires help people stay more socially distanced. Check in with me, OK? ~ Fl!p Breskin 2518 Cherry Street 360-671-4511


The apple goods procurement for project  S. A. U. C. E. (Simple Act of Unity: Cook and Eat) is under way… thanks to the many direct responses. I will have to see by the end of Saturday of what I will have. Looks like a lot. I will put a pallet with a tarp for cover next to my curbside library and prose&poetry box to act as a no contact drop-off spot, just so it’s simple for anybody. It looks like i will have my work cut out. i am not set up anymore for volumes that I expect for this and to fill the big pot you gave me. With my own small batches i am used to just hand peel and core before cooking and be done with it. with this many I would like to cook them whole and squish them through the mesh of a hand mill. so, now I will need to borrow one. Anybody? Cheers. ~ Eberhard Eichner


Thanks to the apple angels I have now a total of 80 pounds of apples. In good shape and great varieties too as is apt for this project and the season the procurement turned into an all around celebration of light.I rode my bike with trailer on Saturday through fog into the brilliance of the county, northwest of Ferndale. At a farm i loaded about 30+ pounds, a full trailer, which didn’t cramp as much my style as it is now my legs. but I will be putting them up anyhow until I start cooking. which could be as soon as I find a masher.

…And, yes, a few more things to scrounge up among us neighbors came to mind while riding past many dozens of pairs of trumpeter swans on the swampy fields in the wetlands: I imagine that a few pounds of a sugar infusion, healthy dollops of molasses and a handful of cinnamon sticks would render any other possible doubts about proper yumminess at the end of this project a moot point. Please, contributors, send “applesauce” related emails to Cheers ~ Eberhard Eichner


Someone called me about a pair of glasses that they found on the Samish Crest trail and apparently someone in our Columbia neighborhood posted about losing a pair in that area. Here is contact info: Tracy, 360-920-2599


We just discovered that a HP Deskjet F4400 printer that we have had for awhile in storage is not compatible with our MAC! We have all the installation guides etc… If anyone has the tech know how to figure out how to use this device they are welcome to it… It is now bound for Goodwill & will be leaving our abode next week. Text 360-961-2157 if interested & we can arrange pick up info ~ Carol Oberton & Vicki Roy


Thursday, December 17, 2020 at 7 PM PST
Tune in right at 7 PM and the link should open:
Fairhaven College Music Festival Streaming Series

Robin shares traditional English and assorted songs and tunes, plays button boxes, guitar, and piano accordion, and shares some guest spots with collaborators from the bands Lindsay Street and The Moving Hats.


Cabin Fever NW. Did anyone walk along the 2500 block of Park Street during the Chalk Festival last summer? Tara Caldwell & Dianne Bochsler were out playing socially distanced music for passersby. They are dear friends from Guitar Camp, and here they’re joined by Ed Johnson, also from PSGW. I have loved dropping in on them at Cabin 7 to bask in their glorious sweet music. Besides right here in the neighborhood, I was delighted to find them online where I can share them with you.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

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