Tiny Homes Encampment Coming! Soup Supplies; Data Helps; Lots More; Happy Chanukah! Song: Long Time A-Comin’

CONTENTS 12/10/2020
Tiny Homes Encampment Coming!
Soup Supplies
Encouragement From Eberhard
Tire Slashed
Free Guitar!
Free Kid Snow Pants
Happy Chanukah!
Radio Free Fl!p: Long Time A-Comin’


The city just approved a winter-long emergency encampment site at Civic Field, in the parking lots by Frank Geri fields. There will be spaces for 28 tiny homes. The city is exploring purchasing them with emergency COVID funding. Hopefully that will happen very quickly. And it will be administered by HomesNOW! I am thrilled!!!

Mind you, this is only 28 of the hundreds of our unhoused neighbors. Our soup brigade will continue to be needed. And more accommodations as well. But it’s a step in the right direction. Thank you to every person who has helped in every way!


I have a couple huge Hubbard squashes, lots of onions, more potatoes, lentils, eggs, dinner rolls, and canned goods. Come collect ingredients and ToGo cups & lids. I’ve got a couple soup pots still here too. Please make soup! We can also still use delivery folks to pick up hot soup from cooks who can’t deliver themselves. I’ll play Yenta and help you connect with each other. Thank you!!!


Hi neighbors and friends –

Recently I have answered Fl!p’s call and humbly joined the efforts of our neighborhood to warmly fill empty stomachs at Cityhall so as to allow for personal moments of relieve from long hours just in the cold…you know? Or you can imagine?

In my humble childhood home, at this time of the year the magic transporting device from the down-and-out-dreary to the OKAY was all about apples. The smell of apples. The wafts of their fragrance when they were cooked or baked. A big wallop of senses coddling, HOT applesauce in a cup, the home kind straight out of the pot, needing but just a spoonful of brown sugar, maybe a drizzle of molasses and a squeeze of lemon for depth, raisins, if it was all out lucky and, of course, a sprinkle of cinnamon…??? Simple, eh? And so belly/soul chakra soothing!

My soup brigade request: If anyone happen to have full bags, boxes, (bushels or bumper crops?) of summer’s apples that look to wrinkle away in time (not being processed in your household because you have too much of them, not enough canning jars or you will be able to multi-task them into your rotation…don’t feel guilty… DONATE! I have a big pot. I love to cook! I can also come and pick up.

My motto!
To further the soup pot’s range
try something sweet for a change
cook applesauce and make friends:
that’s hot smiles into cold hands.
Contact me direct if you want. Ready to hear from you. Cheers.
~ ”Max” Eberhard Eichner


The last two night’s posts from Betsy was extremely helpful to my understanding of the vaccines, and of ways to evaluate risk. I read her every single night, and she gives me hope and understanding. Go take a look! 



Presents Short Family-Friendly Film

On New Year’s Eve, Seattle will light up the city’s iconic Space Needle with a televised year-end extravaganza. But do you know how this iconic structure got its unique design? Seattle director BJ Bullert reveals the story behind the Needle and the people who inspired and created it in her short film, “Space Needle: A Hidden History.” CASCADIA International Women’s Film Festival presented the 17-minute film in the 2020 festival. We’re bringing it back for you to see this weekend free of charge as a holiday treat for you and your family and just in time to tune in on New Year’s Eve for the big celebration.

Starting Friday, Dec. 11 through Sunday, Dec. 13, you can view the film here. We guarantee that you’ll never look at the Space Needle the same way again after seeing her film. ~ Cheryl Crooks


Some odd news from the corner of Kulshan Street and Jefferson: One of our brand-new tires was slashed while parked on the street in front of our house on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. My husband didn’t notice until he’d pulled away, when it became apparent that something was very wrong.

Les Schwab (where we’d bought the tires, which we presumed were installed incorrectly or were defective) immediately replaced it (for free/under warranty), but they also said that it looked like it had been deliberately cut along the sidewall. Les Schwab was AMAZING about it, I’m pleased to say — not nearly as bad an experience as it could have been! So, as ever, keep an eye out for yourselves and others, and maybe check your tires before you drive off.

Cheers, ~ Betsy O’Donovan


We’ve had this instrument standing in the corner for years, and nobody’s playing it.

Not an expensive instrument (WESTBROOK, 1950s?), but very playable, clean & nice looking. Hoping that it can sing joy with someone. Has a worn case which sports an Amnesty International sticker! Michael Flaherty, Victor Street, 360-733-0093.


Hi parents, I have 3 pairs of snow pants size 3T if anyone wants them. They will be on my porch. 2429 Spruce St. ~ Sarah Garrett


It’s the first night of Chanukah tonight. I wrote this five years ago as my sister was dying. “Last night Kitty called us together to watch the sunset out the window. The beauty of this lovely world! My brother Joe described it as being like watching the Chanukah candles burn all the way down. I don’t know if you’ve ever done that. I think that if you haven’t, you might like to, this year. Get 9 birthday candles – they may last half an hour if the room isn’t drafty. You can pick up a children’s mini-menorah, or just cut a potato in half lengthwise and drill 9 holes on the lumpy side, not too close together. Light one candle as the shamus (the servant) and then light all the rest of the candles with that first one. Say a blessing for the creation of light in the darkness, for the turning of the seasons, and for the long connections we have with our ancestors. Then pay quiet attention to the flames as they burn all the way down, till the last candle finally flickers out. It’s amazing how the flames cling to life. And so beautiful. This ritual was a key part of our childhood and an important part of how the three of us frame life and death in this world.”

PS: There’s no right way to spell Hanukkah!


Jody Stecher – I wore out his first two albums. This song reminds me of all the songs from the Great Depression, and even earlier, with cheerful melodies carrying sometimes challenging news.


Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street flip@columbianeighborhood.org

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