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CONTENTS 12/8/2020
Lundquist Woods Lights
Gingerbread Contest Needs You
Food Delivery
Egg & Cartons
Soup Containers
Cherry Table
When I Cry
Rental Available
Radio Free Fl!p: Dark Old Waters


We are delighted to cheer up the neighborhood by sharing our magical outside Christmas lighting, including the « tall tree »!!!  From St. Nicholas Day, December 6 to at least Epiphany, January 6, our lights will be on from approximately 5-11 pm. Everyone is invited to enjoy. Warmest holiday wishes to all! ~ Bob and Pat Lundquist
Lundquist Woods, 2707 Jefferson Street (west end)


my sister and I were feeling blue about there being no Gingerbread House Contest down at the Port of Bellingham this year. Then we read in your newsletter that Habitat for Humanity is sponsoring a contest online and giving prizes! I wrote to get a few more details (basically asking if the general public will be able to see all the entries? Answer: Yes!)  and this is the nice letter I got back from them. I’m going to spread the word to my neighbors and I know your newsletter would help get these details out to everyone in that effort – this is a perfect family activity for all the kids who don’t have school right now, and Habitat for Humanity is such a worthy cause. Let’s get some entries to them!  ~ Julie Larios, Williams St.

Yes, we will be posting all entries on our website as well as on Facebook and Instagram. Here are the links to all 3. 


Facebook –


We just launched the contest last week so no entries have been posted yet but we hope to get some soon. If anyone is interested in donating towards the gingerbread contest they can use our general donation page (linked here) and just note in the comments that the donation is for the gingerbread contest. It’ll be easier than trying to make a straight donation through the gingerbread house page 🙂 

We greatly appreciate you sharing this information with your neighborhood! That is exceedingly helpful for sharing this holiday activity and the Habitat mission in general. Thanks again and we hope you have a wonderful holidays!  ~ Hillary Pritchard,  360.715.9170 x1013  Community Outreach Director, Habitat for Humanity in Whatcom County


Some of the soup makers are immune compromised or elderly. We could really use a bunch of drivers to pick up prepared soup containers while the soup is still hot, and drop them off at the food tent at city hall. I’ve got one run that needs to happen today at 1 PM. I’d also love to find people willing to deliver my fresh, hot hard-boiled eggs around 9:30 AM. I’d like to be going in fewer days a week to limit my own exposure. Anyone doing deliveries should wear a good mask. ~ Fl!p Breskin, 360-671-4511


I have run out of egg cartons (empty). You could leave them on my front porch at 2518 Cherry. I need 2 or 3 cartons a day. SmartFoods is the cheapest source for eggs: $18.35 for 15 dozen. I’ve currently got a 5 day supply on hand. Neighbors have been bringing eggs, and that’s wonderful!


The soup brigade is underway! Lots of neighbors have brought pots and ingredients. Others have picked them up and started making and delivering soup to the city hall food tent. Right now I have two more soup pots available if you  We need a bunch more of the 16 oz paper To-Go cups & lids. SmartFoods (formerly Cash & Carry) seems to be the cheapest source. Can anyone help fund these? $83.50 for a case pf 20 sleeves/50 each. Lids are $32.78 for 10 sleeves /100 each. So we’re looking for over $100. Can you help? ~ Fl!p Breskin, 360-671-4511


My mom has had to move to assisted living where there’s no room for her custom-built cherry dining table. It’s simple and solid and has a 20” removable leaf. Without leaf it measures 48” x 34”  One small spot where the finish got marred by a spill, but it’s fairly unobtrusive. Needs a new home pretty quickly.  Can deliver in Bellingham area. Asking $400 OBO.  ~ Margie Katz,


If, when I cry, I rigorously point my mind towards the goodness of this world, the goodness of other humans, and my own goodness, every teardrop that falls is a piece of confusion falling away forever. Crying as a victim is less helpful than crying in determination on my way out.  ~Love/Fl!p


A friend and colleague of mine at WWU is going on a year-long sabbatical and looking for someone to rent their place. Although not located in Columbia, it is quite nearby in Sunnyland. Here are the details:

We are looking for renters for our 3 br/2 bath house in Sunnyland, near Trader Joe’s and within 0.5 mile of 5 breweries. If anyone has contacts (or selves) who might be interested in renting our house for a year, please send them my way. We would like to rent for about $2500/mo but that is likely negotiable. The house can be furnished, or not-furnished, depending on what renters prefer.  Lina Dahlberg, Lina.l.dahlberg@ Gmail

Suzanne Lee, Jaeger and Jefferson


Gordon Bok built wooden sailing ships, spending quiet years putting heart and soul into them. And then turning them over to the people he built them for, and watching them sail away. Here’s a song he wrote for those ships.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

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