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Soup Brigade
Web Accessibility
Need Shelves & Drawers
Gift Suggestions
For Rent
Longer Term Solutions For Tenters
Radio Free Fl!p: Good Dog


I believe we are now set up. Neighbors have donated 8 soup pots, ranging from medium large to huge. Other neighbors have donated 16 oz paper take-out cups and lids. Also some compostable spoons – I’ll find out if more are needed. And a #25 sack of onions. When I take in eggs in the mornings, volunteers at the food tent give me whatever vegetables have been donated and I will pass those on to soup makers. We’re ready! If you would be willing to make a pot of soup for the folks at the homeless encampment outside city hall, set up a time to come pick up supplies from me. You can sign up through the MealTrain, or just make a pot of soup, fill individual containers, and drop them off at the food tent. I nest several cardboard boxes as insulation for transport. You can bring the pot back to me, or keep using it if you’re going to make more often. I would welcome donations of take-out cups & lids, or funds for buying more. 360-671-4511 Love/Fl!p


I’m a blind neighbor and work in the field of providing web accessibility for all folks in our community, no matter ones perceptual, cognitive, or perceptual ability, we all deserve equal access to the web. I’d be happy to provide any basics with regards to web accessibility if you or your organization needs some help. Totally volunteer for me. I just want to help provide more accessible experiences for those who use assistive technologies while navigating your web creations and digital communications. I work at Western as the Digital Technologies Accessibility Coordinator and I’m always happy to help folks understand the need for digital accessibility. It’s part of my job to help spread the word. So, here I am, spreading the word! ~ David Engebretson, Walnut Street, 360-318-5573,


Can anyone in the ‘hood help me out? I’m looking for two or three bookcases, preferably for free. I recently moved into a new place and have 0 money for storage like shelves or drawers so currently all my things are still packed away. Even if they have dents or dings, I’d be so so appreciative of anyone had some shelving they’re getting rid of that I could have. I’d also love a chest of drawers. Thank you in advance! ~ Maya Cheval,


This is silly, but a friend just asked on Facebook for suggestions of games/gifts for 12 year old boys. I realized I had some very strong opinions! With the holidays coming up, I’m going to share them with you too. Probably ages 6 – 60+. Phooey! I’m 70 and I haven’t outgrown them:

Set! It’s a card game. Once kids have learned to play it, they can sweep the floor with adults on a level playing field. I’ve had my clock cleaned by a 6 year old. There’s also a game with magnets called Yikerz! Purple triangular bag. Loads of startled laughter. Grownups can join in. No electronics for either game. Also: McGroovy’s Cardboard Box Grommets. A bit pricey but re-usable and incredibly functional. Will take kid’s cardboard box creations to a whole new level. And how about a microscope attachment for computer or phone. You’re welcome!


Nice home in Columbia neighborhood. 3+ bdrm, 2 ba. New furnace, insulated windows, roof, recent interior/exterior paint. Plumbing, wiring, insulation updated in 80’s. Kitchen app., W/D. No Smoking; No Pets. $2200 per mo. First, last, damage. Available soon. 2515 Jaeger St. call Sally Hileman 360-303-7141


I’ve been following the situation at city hall. It’s heart-breaking. Last year I collected supplies for HomesNow outreach when the big snowstorm hit. You all came through wonderfully! My heart melted to be surrounded by such generosity. This year, the pandemic has expanded the numbers of people with no homes to go to. And we had to close the library and other places people could go to warm up. City & County governments are trying to come up with solutions while overwhelmed with everything else at the same time.

I’ve learned this evening that HomesNOW has applied to build and run additional tiny home shelters. I support this! Here’s an excerpt from tonight’s post. You can read the whole thing at the link at the end.

“ We … hope the city will work with multiple agencies at the same time, as HomesNOW is only one group, and there’s many homeless individuals on the streets who need help, it wouldn’t be wise to put all the city’s eggs in one basket.

…HomesNOW is also ready to move quickly to set up a 2nd village, whether it’s at the Clean Green Site, Safe Haven site, or another viable site.

…If we had to construct the homes ourselves, we expect it to take around 2-3 months. If we are able to secure modular shelters from the city or the county, we can set up a site right away. If HomesNOW is also hosted on a large enough site, we would be willing to expand to help with safe parking in the future.

…HomesNOW provides regular outreach to unsheltered individuals, delivering much needed supplies, food/water, warmth, and a smile. The HomeNOW homeless outreach program is fueled by donations from the overall community.

…HomesNOW does not require and is not seeking out any direct funding from the city or county. HomesNOW is requesting city or county sites for setting up future villages. Sites would need to have electricity and water at a minimum, and that might require some small costs for the city directly as a result, but HomesNOW is not interested in taking direct government funding from the city or county. This means that with any future sites can get up and running quickly without a lengthy process of acquiring money for a build or the management of the village.

…There are a lot of people currently on the lawn of city hall and many more who are not at city hall who are unseen. HomesNOW doesn’t have enough capacity to help all of these people, but we can help lighten the load as homelessness gets worse because of the economic fallout from COVID-19. We can guarantee good results on a shoestring budget…


From Bob Franke, and in memory of Jake, who’s humans were Jenny Rose and Lucas Hicks.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

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