Lost Glasses; Santa; Soup Brigade; Ping Pong Table; Groomer; HVAC?; Song: Soup Of The Evening

CONTENTS 12/5/2020
Lost Glasses
Santa At The Port
All’s Well, That’s Returned Well
Soup Brigade
Free Ping Pong Table
HVAC Recommendations?
Dog Groomer
Radio Free Fl!p: Soup Of The Evening


I lost my glasses yesterday afternoon 12/4 walking in the neighborhood, Little Squalicum park and past BTC to Squalicum beach. They have red metal rims on the top and no frame on the bottom. I took them off when they fogged up from the mask and hooked them on my jacket and I don’t know when they fell off. Please let me know if you find them, shermanlor@hotmail.com. The world is a bit of a blur right now. Thanks! ~ Lori Sherman, Elizabeth Street


Port of Bellingham Cruise Terminal at the end of Harris.

Yes, it looks very different this year, but Santa Claus is at the Holiday Port Festival from 5:00 to about 8:30 PM Sunday night (tonight!) and there’s even a way to get a picture with him if people have a camera or a phone. Completely socially distanced, but dress warm cause you’ll be outside. There’s even a mailbox to Santa, if kids want to write a letter to him! ~ Lizanne Schader on Victor St.


Thank you for returning my painted horse rock, beautifully wrapped, and in such a timely manner. ~ Rhonda Younker


Dear neighbors have donated 8 soup pots! And another neighbor (thank you Maggi!)  brought containers with lids, and spoons, and #25 onions. Now we just need people to make soup for the neighbors with no homes to go to, who are camped out at city hall. You can contact me to pick up pots and to-go cups. Call me with questions or for more details. If it looks like there isn’t room on the MealTrain, there probably actually is. Many volunteers can’t actually feed all 50 – 70 people who are there, and supplemental food (and other supplies) are welcome! Call before you come pick up stuff from me so I can be free to greet you. Many hands make light work! Love/Fl!p  360-671-4511. https://www.mealtrain.com/trains/nnmwke


I have a used ping pong table that I want to give away to a good home.  I can deliver it in Bellingham.   Call Laura Brakke 360-739-7400.  


I’ve been looking for someone to give my HVAC system some cleaning. Actually, I only have heat. maybe air conditioning someday… Any suggestions from you fine neighbors who have had positive experiences with businesses that provide HVAC maintenance? Thanks!  ~ David Engebretson, Walnut Street, 360-318-5573, Accessible.engineering@gmail.com


I’m looking for an experienced, skilled dog groomer who is interested in transitioning into owning their own business. My shop is at 1212 Dupont Street. It’s been local and successful since 1978. from basically word of mouth referrals. I’ve always had more business than I could handle and over the years I actually helped four other new dog grooming businesses get a good start because of my sending overflow customers to them. At this point I have more business than I can comfortably handle with more calls coming in every week. I need help. I also want to start my retirement from dog grooming. Rather than sending my overflow business to other existing businesses I would love to have an experienced groomer come in and give them the work and referrals as they transition into owning the business.  I’m considering offering to rent space in the shop. I only want two (maybe three) mornings a week to work. The new person coming in would have the opportunity to work all the rest of the time. ~  Ahwren Ayers, ahwrenayers@gmail.com


Beautiful Soup! From a 1999 version of Alice In Wonderland. With soup on my mind today this bit of Lewis Carroll nonsense kept wandering in. No mock turtles, no gryphons, no walrus, but I did make Tom Kat for dinner. My life is a musical. Fortunately, so is Zeke’s.


Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street flip@columbianeighborhood.org

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