Soup & Pots? More, Paul Klein; Song: I Brought My Father With Me

CONTENTS 12/3/2020
Soup Pots
Missing Rock
Car Prowl
Paul Klein Concert Tonight
Radio Free Fl!p: I Brought My Father With Me


The encampment for our neighbors experiencing homelessness at city hall/library has a bunch of products to make soup  but no way to cook it. If you go down and ask for a box of supplies they’ll hook you up so you can bring back soup!  These cold nights any help is much appreciated.  ~ Kamarie Astrid

[ I asked at the encampment this morning when I dropped off hot eggs, and we would not have to package soup. Just deliver it in a big pot and volunteers will serve it safely. They have a lot of canned goods and some produce. You can also just make your own soups from scratch and drop them off at City Hall. Use pots you don’t care about getting back. You can help keep your soup warm by putting the pot inside nested cardboard boxes for insulation. ~ Fl!p]


If anyone has spare soup/stock pots lying around unused, and you can get them to me, I will get them into the hands of folks making soup for the City Hall encampment. Pots may not be returned, so having a bunch would be good. I just phoned Goodwill & Value Village and they both have stock pots on the shelf today. Mrs Davis at Goodwill said she was willing to meet someone at the door to exchange money and pots. Call me for details. ~ Love/Fl!p, 2518 Cherry Street, 360-671-4511


If anyone is going to Costco soon, I’d love to have a couple items picked up. Let me know. ~ Love/Fl!p, 2518 Cherry Street, 360-671-4511


My lovely painted rock, a gift from a friend, has gone missing.  It’s a stylized pic of my horse, and is special to me. If you borrowed it from its spot in the rock pile by my garage entrance (alley between Henry and Victor), please return it. Thanks. ~ Rhonda Younker, 2530 Henry Street


Car prowl Tuesday night Kulshan and Connecticut. ~ Caryn Simmons


Fairhaven College Live Streaming Music Festival
College Live Streaming Music Festival Fall Series
Tonight: Dec.3rd Thursday 7:00 pm Paul Klein.

He first performed at Fairhaven College Valentines Day Dance in 1976 with Wet Paint and the Painter Sisters. Paul Klein, pianist and bandleader of the Atlantics for 40 years (his first gig was Election night 1980). Klein also has played the Steinway at the Boundary Bay weekly for twenty years.  Paul is now retired and he looks forward to sharing his eclectic joys of music.

12/3 Paul Klein 12/10 will be Ara Kataak 12/17 Robin Elwood


Michael Peter Smith, three days in a row. I could go on for months but this should be enough to get you hooked. With special thanks to my friend Rob Lopresti who brought Michael to Bellingham for concerts.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

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