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CONTENTS 11/27/2020
COVID Surge Local Numbers
A Fable Each Day Keeps The Doctor Away!
Thanks For Kindness
Endgame At The Idiom Theatre
Quarantine Housing Sought
Renter With Rabbit
Jacqueline Schwab Pianist
Radio Free Fl!p: Year Of The Raccoon


Here is a snapshot of the COVID-19 case situation in Whatcom county, put together for this list by Michelle Bates (who also does an arts email like mine in better times, and has been helping distribute information with the Vashon Emergency Operations Center during the pandemic), using data from the WA state/Whatcom County dashboard.

28% of the total cases we’ve had in Whatcom County since the beginning of the pandemic have been during the month of November – which isn’t even over yet! 624 of the total 2255 cases were recorded between November 1 and 24th.

Throughout the spring and summer, our county case rate vacillated between lows of 1 case per day to highs of 15 cases per day (7-day rolling average). From late September to late October, it held at 7-9 cases/day, and since then it has shot up without pause to the current rate of 33 cases per day. This is more than double at any time previously.

WWU reports that 21 students have tested positive since the beginning of November, with only 5 total cases before then, totaling 81% of all cases just this month.

The state’s target rate of cases is <25 cases/two weeks per 100,000 residents. Whatcom is currently at 137.2 cases/2 weeks/100,000.


Your chance to catch some shorter, older thoughts on things over this weekend: Thursday through Sunday, 11 am till dark at the self-guided, walk-by, rain or shine, humble curbside diorama on the Corner of Victor/W. Connecticut. Enjoy! ~ “Max” Eberhard Eichner, puppeteller


I wanted to share about my walking-the-streets-life, and that I used to greet and be greeted by most of the people I passed. That changed slowly but surely as the cell phone culture grew. If my “hi” was ignored, it was often due to the fact that their eyes were looking down on a screen, and their ears had plugs in them. They couldn’t even see or hear me any more. Then came Covid, the masks, the feelings of self-and other-protection, and in less safe situations, peoples’ fearful avoidance, or disgust to the point of having to not only turn but stomp, and hurry away. BUT, creativity survives!  Slowly but surely again, we learned new ways. We could tell by the crinkling at sides of our masks that we were giving/receiving a smile. Folks seemed to have to be more focused and aware, especially as rain and cold weather pocketed ear plugs and screens, noticed and responded to each others’ gesture, wave, thumbs up, solidarity fist, or safely distanced words of greeting. There were nods, lots of little nods. There has been plenty of unmasked denial or downright uncaring intrusion, and those are seriously avoided as always, but still, lots of folks have learned how to greet, and show kindness and encouragement to each other safely. ~ Ellen Murphy

ENDGAME At The Idiom Theatre

Online Livestream Performance
Saturday, November 28
Virtual lobby will be open starting at 7:00pm
Performance begins at 7:30pm
Tickets by $5–$15 pay-what-you-can donation.

An absurd world frozen between existence and death, Samuel Beckett’s landmark 20th century play was his follow-up to his first absurdist masterpiece, Waiting for Godot. Four characters, Hamm (played by Hergenhahn-Zhao), Clov (Smith), Nagg (Braswell) and Nell (Shannon), cling to sanity while performing daily rituals, sometimes comically, as they wrestle some sort of order from the cyclical, repetitious, seeming nothingness of life.



Hi, I live in the Columbia neighborhood, am leaving town to see family, and looking for a place to self-quarantine for two weeks when I return. My wife is a nurse, and we can’t risk contact until I’m unequivocally Covid-free. I could rent a hotel room, but would be happy to keep the money in the neighborhood if anyone has a vacant studio or ADU they’d like to rent to me from 12/9-12/23. It would have to be a stand-alone suite–no shared spaces. Good wifi also essential, as I’ll be working. Kitchenette and pet-friendly would be nice but negotiable. Please email me if interested–mrweaver8@gmail.com. Thanks! ~ Michael Weaver


My name is Amber I am looking for a low cost place to live in Bellingham. I work part-time at City Dogs Grooming, as a Dog Bather. I am able to afford around $300-$600 a month. I have a pet rabbit who is litter trained and lives in an x-pen in my room. I also own a queen-sized bed, making space requirements difficult, as I would need a larger room. I offer dog walking and drop-in visits, as listed on Rover under Amber H. 

With a detail-oriented mindset, I enjoy organizing and keeping things clean. I don’t own a car and therefore rely on public transportation. I am respectful, honest, and friendly. You can contact me at ottercharmer@aol.com. Thank you for your time. ~ Amber


Saturday, Nov. 28, 3 pm PST

There Is a Balm—Vintage American Music of Love, Loss, Solace, Gratitude and Hope, from my Facebook page. I’ll choose from African-American spirituals, Irish and Scottish airs and dance tunes, parlor songs, an American anthem, gentle ragtime, my favorite habanera La Paloma, and perhaps even some Elgar. I’d love to “see” you there! Tune in to my personal FB page at 6 pm ET this Saturday, Nov. 28, 3 pm PST, to get the stream (you’re welcome to “friend” me—but do it soon!). No admission fee—but Paypal.com or Venmo.com tips are welcome!—please designate for jaspianist@gmail.com, as there is more than one Jacqueline Schwab on those sites. [I taught at a music camp with Jacqueline years ago. From anywhere in camp, I could tell it was her touch on the piano by the end of the first phrase. Ken Burns clearly agreed. She was the pianist for his Civil War series.]



I’m going to be brave. Zeke wrote a new song and I helped him record it and even got it up on YouTube (a first for me). Here we are in our own living room.


Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street flip@columbianeighborhood.org

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

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