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CONTENTS 11/22/2020
Pass The Hat
Endgame At Idiom
Need Movers
Need Groceries
Paul Kline Concert
Robert Sarazin Blake
Radio Free Fl!p: Small Victories


We help Whatcom County families by providing financial relief from tragic events. Tragedy brings more than just grief and loss; it also brings hospital bills, ambulance bills, funeral expenses and more. It’s too much to bear for families already facing heartbreaking situations.

How it works is simple: You sign up to give $2 a month, every month. That’s it. Meanwhile, thousands of fellow community members do the same, and your small $2 contribution becomes enormously powerful, helping local families.

We don’t rely on fundraisers, auctions or large donations. We rely on many people giving just a little. We provide a way for every person to make an impact, even if they have hardly anything to give. It’s simple, 100% local and incredibly powerful.

Pass the Hat is a vital safety net for our community and we need your support now more than ever.

This year we have paid more than $35,000 in direct benefit payments on behalf of 23 families.  We were able to help families dealing with the shock of the loss of a family member due to Covid-19, suicide, and sudden death. We lifted some of the burden of parents having to bury their children and babies. The Appropriations Committee was able to approve over 100 sessions of grief counseling through our unique program that pairs recipients with counselors willing to take on folks in a timely manner.


Samuel Beckett‘s Endgame presented by Idiom Theatre opened Friday at the Sylvia Performance Center downtown. After zoom rehearsals since September with director Sean Cook in L.A., we finally met for the blocking, set build, costumes, lighting AND the tech just TWO weeks ago! WHEW!  It’s been a wild schedule, I tell ya.

Please come see what we made for you and support the arts in Bellingham. 😀Here’s the info for tickets to the live streaming.  Make some popcorn and have a seat.


Does anyone have the name of a good mover?  In early December I’ll be leaving this wonderful neighborhood and moving about 4 1/2 miles southwest.  It’s a small job.  Just 30 or so assorted pieces of furniture and a couple of large plants.  I appreciate any recommendations. ~ John Burt 206 719-0054 cell / text


If anyone is going to Trader Joe’s (or actually any grocery store) tonight or tomorrow, we could use a few things. Thanks! ~ Fl!p


Fairhaven College Live Streaming Music Festival
College Live Streaming Music Festival Fall Series
Dec.3rd Thursday 7:00 pm Paul Klein.

He first performed at Fairhaven College Valentines Day Dance in 1976 with Wet Paint and the Painter Sisters. Paul Klein, pianist and bandleader of the Atlantics for 40 years (his first gig was Election night 1980). Klein also has played the Steinway at the Boundary Bay weekly for twenty years.  Paul is now retired and he looks forward to sharing his eclectic joys of music.

12/3 Paul Kline 12/10 will be Ara Kataak 12/17 Robin Elwood


From The Kitchen Table
Sundays, 5 to 7 pm PSZ
or find the broadcast on the homepage.

 November 22: Petunia
November 29: Caleb Klauder and Reeb Willms

My annual holiday show, A Very Subdued Christmas will be broadcast from the kitchen table.
Sunday, December 20th and
Thursday, Christmas Eve, December 24th
5 to 7 pm PST


Garnet Rogers, Stan’s brother. The small victories are worth fighting for too.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

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