Whats Happening At City Hall? Tonight: Mysterious Fairhaven Markers; Women’s Film Festival; More; Song: Bones

CONTENTS 11/18/2020
Whats Happening At City Hall?
MealTrain For Homeless Encampment
Mysterious Fairhaven Markers
Women’s Film Festival
Robert Sarazin Blake
Guitar Humidifiers
Seeking Housing
Radio Free Fl!p: Bones


Organizers and houseless folks have occupied the City Hall Lawn as a site for community outreach, and as a political act to make it apparent that shelters need be opened immediately. In this time of COVID, Bellingham appears to have only about a quarter of the beds needed.Please urge the city and county council to shelter ALL people in our community. Craft an email or call these contacts (as well as council members) in support. We also need volunteers come out and support the camp, day and night. Please consider stopping by to meet the community and get involved. 

Mayor Fleetwood-(360) 778-8100 mayorsoffice@cob.org
Executive Satpal-360-778-5200 ssidhu@co.whatcom.wa.us


Thank you to the many neighbors who brought me eggs to hard-boil and donate to the people outside city hall who can’t find other shelter. I was able to take 7 dozen this morning, with individual salt and pepper packets (in paper).  (Have you ever eaten eggs with no salt?) Hard boiled eggs are automatically individually packaged so they make a quick and easy snack. I’ll take more tomorrow. Folks are also in need of tents, sleeping bags, boots, insulated gloves, warm wool socks, rain gear and warm coats. Last year I collected things here at our house, but in this year of COVID, please take your offerings directly to City Hall. I dropped off donations this morning, and it was very quick and easy, and I was able to stay safely distanced. Thank you! Love/Fl!p


Meal Train Plus for 210 Camp: We are serving dinners to approximately 50 folks camping in front of City Hall as a coalition demanding shelter. Please help out if you can and sign up to deliver a hot dinner! MUST BE IN INDIVIDUAL CONTAINERS PER COVID REGULATIONS (email if you need funds to provide containers) If you can’t provide 50 meals please still sign up and send me an email and we can work something out to supplement.



Today, Wednesday Nov 18, 7 PM  $10 Preregistration required

I need a YAY!!! Emoji.  They’ve added more slots. There’s room for you. I am going to this, and you’re welcome to join me. Real historians. Local history through stories. Uppity attitude. Fun costumes. What could be better?

Kolby LaBree of the Good Time Girls will lead a virtual tour of the famous “Fairhaven Markers.” You may have seen them placed around Harris Avenue and beyond in Bellingham’s Historic Fairhaven District, with mysterious messages such as “Dead Men Displayed Here, 1890.” We will dive deep into the stories behind some of the markers with filmed footage and historical photographs. Question and answer session included. The event will be hosted via “Zoom” and last around an hour, featuring a presentation of local history, photos and more. $10/person (half price of an in-person tour and you don’t have to leave your couch!)



CASCADIA International Women’s Film Festival and KCTS present Five French Short Films Directed by Les Femmes Online This Weekend! Originally accepted for CASCADIA’s 2020 annual film festival, five short French films have been selected from UniFrance, the French government’s cultural non-profit for supporting new and emerging French filmmakers, and L’Agence Court du Métrage.  The films, all directed by women, explore adolescence in France with some twists along the way.

 The films will premiere online, November 20 – 22, on-demand through the Pickford Film Center so viewers can watch anytime, with half of all ticket sales going to support the Pickford Film Center. More film and ticket information can be found: https://www.pickfordfilmcenter.org/cascadia_french_showcase/


From The Kitchen Table
Songs Stories Guests & Requests
Sundays 5-7pm  Livestream Broadcast Concert
Nov 22 Petunia
Nov 29 Caleb Klauder & Reeb Willms
Dec 20 & 24 A Very Subdued Christmas 



I’m looking for large pieces of cloth that would work for making clothing – fabric meant for sewing is great, but so are old curtains, quilts, sheets, wool blankets, skirts, etc. I can be reached at selkie.ryes@gmail.com or (call or text) 360.820.9330 ~ Sara De Roy


Windworks, on Meridian across from the RE-Store, just got in a bunch of Oasis guitar, mandolin and ukulele humidifiers at my request. If you play a wooden instrument, these tools can keep your axe from cracking in the cold when dry freezing air blows in this winter. Give ‘em a shout! 360-733-5840. Love/Fl!p


My friend Hestia is in desperate straits trying to find a place to live.  She’s a former Bellinghamster but had to leave here to take a job some years ago. ~ Elizabeth Harris, Jaeger Street

My name is Hestia Laitala and I have been on a waiting list in several counties for senior subsidized housing for four years (3-7 year waitlists). I recently learned that I have to vacate where I am by the first of the year. I’m seeking a small, ground-floor apartment, mother-in-law dwelling, a studio or any reasonably priced room in which to live. I am a 67 years of age woman, easy going, responsible and kind. I have no pets, no allergies to pets, and I live a quiet, independent life. If you have a space, or any information about a space that would be suitable, please email me at heslaitala@yahoo.com, or call 360-338-8550


By Libby Roderick. It’s not what you might think. Such an interesting view of the world! And she’s a lovely singer…


Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street flip@columbianeighborhood.org

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