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CONTENTS 11/7/2020
Alert: Loose Dog
Raccoon Caution
Where Do We Go From Here?
Ferndale Food Drive
Radio Free Fl!p: Bridges


Large friendly tan dog with a leopard print inflatable collar followed me and my dog through the neighborhood above Squalicum Park and down through the park to Squalicum Pkwy. It wouldn’t let me get close enough to look for a tag. Hoping it makes it’s way back home! ~ Melissa Miner, Elizabeth St, 360-441-4127 (text please)


Would you please please tell your folks that it is exceedingly unwise to “bop” a racoon. These are dangerous wild animals and they have exceedingly sharp teeth and claws. I knew a guy in Spokane who tried to take one on with a baseball bat and lost two fingers in the exchange! ~ Mike Marker

[Mike is right. Raccoons are small bears and can be quite dangerous. ~Fl!p]


I was raised to salute the flag, concluding with the words, “with liberty and justice for all.” As I grew up, I discovered that this was not a reality, but I still believe it is a wonderful and inspirational goal. For democracy to work for all of us, it must include us all. Every American, no matter what party, deserves to have their votes included in this election.

A neighbor recently reminded me of something I posted a couple years ago about a contentious local issue. After re-reading it, I thought I’d send it again, even though the flash point is different today. And we can’t easily invite a neighbor for dinner, but a phone or video conversation might still be possible.

Thank you for being my dear neighbors!



Date: Mon, Dec 10, 2018 at 7:34 AM
Subject: [Columbia] School Boundaries

I have been listening to our neighborhood grapple with changing school boundaries over the last week or so, and mostly been pleased and relieved with how the discussion is unfolding. I hear concerns about changes will impact all of our children, and how we can raise a generation who are deeply connected to one another and equipped to handle the huge challenges ahead as well as possible.

One of my personal goals with this list is always to shed more light than heat. I do more editing to the posts I pass on than may be evident. I’ve had lots of feelings about this, and waited to write until I could get a bit clearer. I’ve phoned or written neighbors, school administrators, and community leaders to try to understand the situation. I will pass on some of what I’ve learned in their own words. But this first message is just from me.

When someone is holding passionately to a position that upsets me, there is no piece of information that I can give them that will change their mind. Never. Their passion means their mind is not open to new information. And I am upset too, and may not be thinking too clearly myself. In such moments, the very best thing I can do is to listen. To try to understand what their concerns are, what they are afraid of, and to connect heart to heart.

One thing that always scares me about listening to something that upsets me is that I might be changed by what I hear. But my integrity demands that I do my best to get my own position right. And that means understanding as much of what’s happening as possible. I do not need to let go of my own morality to listen.

It’s not easy, but sometimes it works. As near as I can tell, nothing else does.


I have been pleased with the level of thoughtful, respectful response I have been hearing to the anonymous flyers posted around our neighborhood. The person who posted them was too scared to sign their name. Too scared to enter into conversation. Too scared to hear responses. Too scared to connect. I think it would make sense to invite them to dinner, if I knew who it was, and tp see what we could both learn if I gave them a good listening to.

You could try that too. I think we need a lot of dinner table discussions about our changing world. Not a quick cup of tea or coffee, but a leisurely evening spent being curious about one another’s experiences. Time for ideas to unfold and connections to deepen, one heart at a time.  

Big public meetings may not actually be the best forum for our concerns at this point in the process. Meeting one-on-one with folks who think differently might be a good first step.


 Fl!p Breskin
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I’d love to see everyone put out their American flags today as a sign of unity ~ Carol Blaney


We started the Green Bag Food Drive on October 10th with the support of the Whatcom North and PNW Passport Rotary Clubs, and collected 752 pounds of food from 40 households. Now we are starting to promote the Green Bag Food Drive and sign up more donors in the Ferndale School District. The impact of 6 collections per year with perhaps 20% of the households donating can be huge! We are planning to offer this program to other Food Banks in Whatcom and Skagit County when they are willing to accept donations. ~ Allen Stockbridge


Bill Staines wrote a song for these times.

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