Recounts Are Fine; Covid Guts; Chicken Needs Company; More; Song: Cradle Of Dawn

CONTENTS 11/4/2020
Recounts Are Fine
Covid Guts
Chicken Needs Company
Golden Lab Is Home
Vivian Williams & Wb Reid
Radio Free Fl!p: Cradle Of Dawn


A recount is a way to reassure a losing candidate that all votes were counted correctly. A recount rarely changes a result because cases of fraud or systemic mis-counting are so rare in our US election system.


Here’s some new information, published in the Bellingham Herald. A review of 36 published studies on COVID-19 that include thousands of patients found that nearly one in five infected individuals may only show gastrointestinal symptoms during their battle with coronavirus, such as loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain.

The number of people affected by these symptoms is likely an underestimate, the researchers say, because of under-reporting early in the pandemic before doctors knew what to look for.

Researchers from the University of Alberta in Canada say their analysis of published literature since the beginning of the pandemic through July 15 serves as a reminder for physicians and the public alike to treat these symptoms as potential signs of COVID-19.


We just put down the second of our three chickens. She had cancer and the other one was gotten by the raccoon earlier this year. So our dear poor Whitney Houston is all alone. We are either searching for a friend that we can bring here to the Chicken Paradise, or a flock she can join. It has been a tough 3 months and we want her happy and healthy. Our place is very fancy, with special doors and heated things for roosting and there is about a 14 by 16 area they get to run about in. (The raccoon took our oldest blind girl. But I bopped the raccoon’s hand with a shovel and she let go of Rose, and has not been seen since.) I love the chickens and Whitney is grieving for Elizabeth. Can you help? Thank you. ~ Zoe Claire, 206-306-6624


Our dog Wilson went wandering last night. Found!!!  Thank you neighbors. A kind soul took him in and kept him warm. Feeling lots of love for my Columbia neighborhood neighbors and the lovely neighborhood newsletter helped us locate Wilson in record time. ~ Liz and Russ Isaly, Walnut Street


Tomorrow, Saturday Nov 7, 5:30 PM on Quarantine Happy Hour
Vivian is an amazing fiddler, as in, both the National & the North American Old Time Fiddlers Halls of Fame. Bill Monroe said, “I have never heard a lady fiddler that could beat Williams, and a lot of men fiddlers can’t beat her.” I can’t wait to see her! Backed up by the inimitable WB Reid.


Libby Roderick came and played for us at the Roeder Home long ago. This song really caught me. Her image here is of people all over the planet working to repair the world. We can rest at night as the world turns, and let others take over the work. And rise up in the morning refreshed and ready to begin anew.

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