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Ballot Processing And Live Webcam
Free Spinet Piano
Free Iris
Recycling Details
Up-Cycle Political Signs
Seeking “Wall Wart”
Have Dog, Seek Rental
Daddy Treetops
Radio Free Fl!p: You Can’t Always Get What You Want


And connect with people you love. It’s not over till the votes are all counted. That’s the American Way.


Want to watch the election being processed and tabulated? The County has a webpage detailing all the steps. I have watched this live in years past. It’s pretty cool! I’m going to quote from a description I received of this year’s counting from Tien Le. All of us can observe while counting is happening (not after-hours at this point, and there has just been a change of venue for the hand count, so that part will not be  observable remotely tomorrow). The link is below.

Dear Observers,

I have loved having these cameras to observe so much of the process that we normally don’t get to see. Even little things like when they turn out the lights in the Vault are educational.

Election Day went very smoothly. The largest number of viewers I spotted was the sorting machine camera was 28. A few folks staked out some ballot boxes for the 8pm closing. Tom O’Leary was kind enough to provide this image of the courthouse drive thru box. Unlike some years past there was no line of people waiting to drop off their ballots at the last minute…

I heard that there is a problem in this state of lots of ballots being flagged for signatures not matching. This was evident in Whatcom county as well. It is going to be a LONG canvassing board this cycle. It might be the number of first time voters…people who aren’t familiar with the process. Not sure.

Here is the report from co-lead observer Ronalee Kincaid:

I have observed nearly every day.  This afternoon the Republican observer, Ashleigh, and I chose batches for the hand count.  We also chose Sharon Shewmake’s race as the race to be hand counted.  The six batches were pulled and will be hand counted tomorrow morning.

        Opening Board was a busy hive of activity this afternoon as they pushed to get as many ballots as possible counted for today’s report.  Ten or twelve people were separating envelopes and opening.  Others were processing some paper ballots, while others ran the counting machines.  I had a nice little visit with the Republican observer who has been there many hours this week.  She said she has no patience with anyone who doubts that ballots are counted properly.  “They should just come in here and see,” she said.

            I hope others have seen the clips on tv about ballot processing in other states.  It is similar to ours with some variations.  No one does it better.

         I will observe the hand count tomorrow.  ~  Ronalee


My mother’s Spinet piano is in need of a new home. It’s probably about 80 years old but has been tuned annually and cared for with love. It’s time to pass it on to another family, free. Call Nancy Simmers if interested, 360-671-5685


Free Japanese Iris, 2 clumps, up for grabs. In a box at end of driveway by sidewalk. 2621 Peabody Street ~ Robin Eldore


There is lots of detailed information on what can and cannot be recycled in Bellingham. There are materials which can’t be put out curbside, but can be taken in. There is often a fee to take them in. I collect all my plastic film in a great big garbage bag and take it all in at once.


I’ll gladly take any and all plastic political signs. My 5th grade Lummi Tribal School students use pieces for a lot of different projects such as rocket fins, mazes, and numerous construction projects. Leave under fir tree at the corner of Walnut and Connecticut (2630 Walnut St). We all thank you!!! ~ Gary Brandt


That’s what my brother calls the little electronic block you plug into the wall and then plug some kind of little device into. I can’t think what the common term is. I need one that has a three-volt output. I found several outdated ones around our house, but no 3-v. ~ Fl!p 360-671-4511


Friend looking for Bellingham rental that would allow one dog. Ideally a house with 1-2 bedrooms. Under $1600. The person is kind and enjoys gardening, music, and has a solid job. Please contact me if interested. (253) 389 – 5240
~ Celine Parton


Tomorrow, Nov 5, 7 PM online
Fairhaven College Live Streaming Music Festival Fall Series|
From ragtime to rock n roll; from solo to orchestral, Daddy Treetops loves all kinds of music and plays with versatility on guitars, basses, pianos, banjos, and mandolins, both acoustically and electrically. Click this link at 7 PM Thursday:


Rolling Stones, acoustic pandemic version. Not my usual fare, but somehow today it’s what came to mind. I love watching these guys at home! Check out the “drum set.”

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

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