School Grounds & Dogs; Story Box Today; Fountain Church Update; Song: Rolling Of The Stones

CONTENTS 11/1/2020
[Rabbit, Rabbit!]
School Grounds & Dogs
Little Mighty Story Box
Halloween Shout Out
Fountain Church Update
Fleece?Radio Free Fl!p: Rolling Of The Stones


Some students are returning to in-person school at Columbia Elementary tomorrow, Monday, November 2nd. I’m sharing this message about dogs on school grounds from our principal, Aaron Darragh:

With students returning, school grounds (campus) is closed to our community members. Thanks for helping us keep our kids safe! Students will be using the playground and the field. Please help us by following the expectations for dogs on the playground:

  • Dogs are not allowed on campus from 7:15-2:00
  • Dogs must always be leashed on school grounds
  • Please clean up after your dog and dispose of waste in a garbage receptacle

Thank you for being principled neighbors and helping our kids be at school safely. ~ Darrah Blanton, Williams St.


This afternoon, Sunday November 1st, 1 PM – after dark
Corner of Victor/W.Connecticut
If you have been gracing my puppettalk with your walk: “It has been a pleasure to share and be shared.” …and if you haven’t peeked at my shenanigans yet, Sunday is still a very bright and sunny opportunity to catch my drift and sail on by!

On a personal and hard-to-believe serious note:

My dear local, circus-artistic, juggle-acrobatic, comedic dancer and leading human inspiration, Della Moustachella, by recent, sudden, tragic accident, has left us but for the dear and heartbreaking memories of her. You may know her well from Circus Guild shows, school cafeterias and touring stages as multi-faceted funny woman and juggler.. so: I am humbly dedicating the second part of “One More Bean” to the friend and hilarious performer, Della Moustachella.  Love “Max” and Eberhard … :o)…. puppetellers


I just wanted to shout out to all the neighborhood for a great and safe Halloween. We set out to go for a walk (in costumes) with our dogs. Most of the neighborhood was dark, which was just fine with us. But there were a few houses that safely left treats out on their porches or had candy slides, and that was a such pleasant surprise. Most fun of all was wishing each other a Happy Halloween as we passed each other at a safe distance, because with all of the stress and anxiety in today’s world, it was just so nice to share a happy moment of kindness.  Thank you to the entire neighborhood for a safe and fun Halloween Walk. ~Keri Clark, Derick, Chlöe and the dogs from Meridian and Cherry Streets


How many remember the Broadway Youth Center? In like fashion, Fountain Community Church is working with the health department to provide an internet cafe. Located at 2100 Broadway, in the fellowship hall of the church. This will be for middle and high age students to have a safe place to work on school work, meet with small cohorts, or just have place to chill for a while. The plan at this point is to have the space open from 2-4:00PM, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Opening day has not been set as yet, but probably after Thanksgiving. Health protocols will be followed and space will be limited to those that can safely be accommodated. We welcome thoughts, interest or concerns; please contact Pastor Rick at or 360-224-9746

Also, FCC will be providing Thanksgiving meals via walk-up, drive-up and some delivery. Thanksgiving Day from 11am to 1:30pm. No dine in options this year for health and safety reasons.


Hi! I’m a 15-year-old named Erin who has decided I want to make blankets out of upcycled/unused fleece that would otherwise go into landfills. I will donate the blankets I make to animal shelters who need them. If anyone has any fleece that you won’t use, I’d be happy to make it into blankets! Contact to donate fleece or get more information. ~ Jennifer Moon


Bok Trickett Muir. Not quite done with spooky. Traditional, first mentioned in print 1803. In various versions, the young woman charmed, sang, or mourned her lost lover out of his grave.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

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