Election Corrections; Song: Tam Lin

CONTENTS 10/28/2020
Election Corrections
Radio Free Fl!p: Tam Lin


Mea Culpa! I made two errors yesterday. My apologies. Thanks to the many readers who let me know.


The website www.votewashington.info is not an official site of the Secretary of State or it’s County election partners. The site is not an official verifiable source of election information. The letter from our auditor said so, right above where I offered the link! And it was all over the news last night as well. The ballots listed on that site have not been rejected, but are being held for “curing.” It’s easy to fix problems with your ballot, and the auditor’s office is attempting to contact the voters on the list. You can still contact your friends to help them make sure their votes are counted.

Security Sleeve

I just phoned the Auditor’s office at 360-778-5102. They have a great recorded line with very detailed answers to common questions, so I didn’t have to bother a worker to get my answer. Which is that your vote WILL be counted, even if you forgot your security sleeve. Whew!


Here is a powerful, traditional song, that centers on a confrontation of a knight with the Fairy Queen on All Hallows Eve (Halloween).  That night is when the veil between the spiritual world and the seen world is at its thinnest. (Link and description from local fiddler Barry Cole.)

Here’s a version from Fairport Convention  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47z5n7p9B3I

Same ancient song, sung acappella by my beloved Frankie Armstrong. I got to bring her to Bellingham to play a concert back in the 1970s. I still get chills remembering her magical performance of Van Deiman’s Land. I’ll see if I can find a version of that one after the Spooky season is over. She utterly commits herself to every word she sings.


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