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CONTENTS 10/26/2020
Needles In The Neighborhood
Vote Early
League Of Women Voters
Little Mighty Story Box
Downtown Scavenger Hunt For Kids
Scarecrow Dummy
Re-Purposing Political Signs
Shout Out
Radio Free Fl!p: She Moved Through The Fair


From the Columbia Neighborhood Association Board
In recent months there have been reports of used hypodermic syringes (sharps) being found at several public sites in the Columbia neighborhood, such as the Share Hut on Walnut St, the Share Shack on Henry St, and in  Elizabeth Park.  Finding these potentially harmful sharps can be alarming, especially when children are considered.  In the interest of education to help us cope with something we cannot control, the Columbia Neighborhood Association Board consulted with the Bellingham Police Dept and the Whatcom County Health Dept about what to do when we find sharps. If you find a sharp, the recommended method for disposal is to don gloves, and have an empty water bottle or sports drink bottle ready. Set the bottle on the ground and use a pliers or tongs to pick up the sharp and put it in the bottle. Cap the bottle and tape it closed. Put it in a bag and put it in the trash, NOT in recycling.  For a video that demonstrates this method, click on the enclosed link.

Each family can reduce the risk to children by informing them of what a sharp looks like, and to not touch it or pick it up (like you would not pick up broken glass), but to report it to a grownup right away.  The video can help to show kids what a sharp looks like.

If you have any questions or feedback for the Columbia Neighborhood Association Board, you may contact them at

Thank you, ~ Deb Valentine, CNA Secretary


It seems fitting that you remind us of Tom Hunter Day.  He was such an inspiring community builder, and what better way of memorializing him than to get our ballots back to the Auditor (via drop box before 8 PM on Nov. 3—not a minute later!) or to the Post Office or in the mail by Nov. 2 (just to make sure it gets postmarked by Nov. 3).  Several hundred ballots have not been counted in some past elections SIMPLY BECAUSE a deadline is missed.  Thanks to all of you for good citizenship. ~ Tim Douglas


(Non-Partisan) In any election race, one vote could change everything. That one vote could be yours! You can still register and vote in person at the Whatcom County Auditor’s office during business hours through Nov. 3.

If you’ve received your ballot, make sure it is counted!

  1. 1. Vote EARLY: By mail by Oct. 27, in person, or via a ballot drop box by 8 p.m. on Election Day, Nov. 3.
  2. 2. Use the ballot drop boxes: Whatcom County has 18 ballot drop boxes. Find the one near you.
  3. 3. Make it Count: Don’t forget to sign the outside of your envelope and make sure your signature matches what’s on file at the auditor’s office. If you live in a household with multiple voters, make sure you sign the envelope with YOUR name on it.
  4. 4. Check it! About 3 to 4 days after you drop your ballot, go to to confirm that your ballot was accepted. Follow up with the Auditor’s Office if needed to confirm your vote was counted.

Thank you for being an active participant in American democracy. Your VOTE is your VOICE, and EVERY VOTE COUNTS!


Corner of Victor/W.Connecticut

This Halloween, the one and only, on special occasions installed, invites aimless, searching Halloween strollers of all ages to casual window-shop some eye candy offered via a two part display of imaginative puppet-telling. Walk or cycle by at your own pace! Colorful curbside dioramas will attempt to tell the tale of an obscure, mysterious two part sequel to the Jack and the beanstalk story called: “One More Bean.” Warning: Yes ! Evil Giants will be visualized !

The tableau of Act ONE will be on view SATURDAY, OCTOBER 31, from 1 PM till after dark. Followed by Act TWO the next day, SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 1, at same times, same place. Have a Healthy, Safe, Sane, Loving, Creative Harvest Time! No Tricks! ~ ”Max” Eberhard Eichner,  Puppeteller


Our family just completed the Halloween Trick or Treasure Hunt put on by the city’s parks and rec department, and it was super cute and Covid friendly! It was $5/kid, and they get a goody bag at the end. It was a fun activity to get moving outdoors, masked up, and supporting our local downtown businesses. There’s another one coming up next month that I thought other families may want to know about:

They say no two snowflakes are ever quite the same. We can say the same about our Snowflake Scavenger Hunt! Venture around downtown looking for snowflakes in all the holiday windows as you shop for trinkets, baubles and gifts! Take a selfie with each snowflake, submit your photos by December 14th at 11pm (details on how to submit them will be on your registration receipt) and be entered into a festive holiday raffle full of gift cards, prizes and a few holiday surprises. Winners will pick up their prizes on Friday, December 18.

Register here:

Very best, ~ Beth McGinty (former organizer for our July 4th neighborhood picnic!)


I have a dress mannikin on a long pole made of spray foam (very light weight) that I would love to donate to any family wanting a head-start on their Halloween scarecrow (or ghost).  Please contact Rachel Budelsky at if you would like me to send you a picture or if you’d just like to claim it sight unseen!”


I am hoping that folks will re-purpose their political signs after the election. My 5th grade students cut them up for various vehicles, villages, rocket fins, and anything that comes to mind that can use this type of material. They can be left at the corner of Walnut & Connecticut, under the fir tree. Thanks! ~ Gary Brandt


Here’s a shout out for Pepper Sisters, a local business with yummy food for over 30 years in the making, to warm your inner self, serving southwestern comfort food with a northwest flair since 1988. Many gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options, all scratch made with love. Indoor / outdoor dining as well as takeout, Tuesday-Sunday 4:30-8, till 9 Friday & Saturday. ~ Susan Albert, Cherry St.


Anne Briggs was 19 when she recorded this in 1963. An English folks singer, she inspired a generation of British singers though she never sought commercial success. I’ve heard the last verse as either “my young love came in” or “my dead love came in.” The latter makes it a very different story! Ghosts….

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

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