Ballot Counting & Videos; Halloween & Covid; Scarecrows; Tom Hunter Day; Song: Lyke Wake Dirge

CONTENTS 10/25/2020
Ballot Counting Explained
    Short Informational Videos
Halloween & Covid
York Scarecrow Throw Down
Tom Hunter Day 10/24
Radio Free Fl!p: Lyke Wake Dirge


Some years back, Zeke and I volunteered to be election observers down at the courthouse. We sure learned a lot! The first thing I’d like you to know is that I was impressed and touched at the ferocious dedication of the workers who count our ballots. The culture in that department is complete commitment to count every single legitimate vote, while appropriately weeding out any illegitimate ones.

There is also a complete paper trail from our mail in ballots, which would make it very difficult to mess electronically with our ballots. I remember watching Whatcom Auditor Debbie Adelstein (since retired) hefting huge boxes of ballots and making sure that every single one was organized and filed where it could be found and double-checked later if needed. The attention to organizing every detail was amazing. I wound up wishing for Debbie a hot tub and massage at the end of every day, and probably physical therapy when the election was over. I’m delighted that the Auditor’s office still carries that commitment. Here are a bunch of videos from them, explaining aspects of voting.

Short informational videos about voting from Whatcom County Auditor, Diana Bradrick. (1 minute 8 seconds) – Get your ballot in early! (1 minute 53 seconds) – All about ballot security. (1 minute 33 seconds) – Make sure your ballot is counted. (54 seconds) – Use a ballot drop box! (1 minute 19 seconds) – Rejected ballot? Your next steps. (1 minute 15 seconds) – How to get a replacement ballot. (42 seconds) – Election results. – LWVBWC’s Michelle at WWU drop box. Every Vote Counts!


The Whatcom County Health Department considers trick or treating to be high risk, and offers other suggestions.


Anne Mackie, here, with York Neighborhood Association.  I got a call from someone outside the neighborhood who was interested in the details about our Scarecrow contest, so I thought I would reach out to you.  It was announced in the Weekly, so it has gained some external interest.We just wanted something fun for the kids to do on Halloween (adults, too). So the details are, if you want to announce it (or not):

York Neighborhood’s Wine & Roses Garden Club is sponsoring a “Scarecrow Throw Down” contest. The scarecrows are popping up around the neighborhood with Halloween Sat. Oct. 31 being the deadline to enter the contest. The list of addresses will be published by then on YorkNeighborhood Facebook and our website,

If someone wants to “enter” their scarecrow they can email to:

OR…if they have a great scarecrow in another neighborhood, let us know so we can come take a picture!


Who Will Sing For Me?  (Oops! Was going to send this yesterday, and my weekend wound up too busy. So sing a day or two late, eh?) Tom used to live over on Victor Street. He made such a big impact in the world that after he died, the governor declared October 24 at Tom Hunter Day. Happy Belated Tom Hunter Day, neighbors! In this recording, Tom sings a song I sang with him many times. This recording is a particularly spacious and tender one. Richard Scholtz gently supported and egged him on with mountain dulcimer twining and responding. This is unlike any other version you’ve ever heard of this song.


The Young Tradition (1965)

I promised spooky songs and this certainly counts! The lyrics are printed in the comments, though they don’t match exactly. You’ll need them unless you’re way better at accents than I am! The singing and the story are truly spooky.  For the classically trained musicians listening, check out the fantastic pickardy third at the end of each verse. What amazing singing! (Thanks to Jon Bartlett & Rika Ruubsaat for the link!)

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