Buried Belling-History; Safe Playgrounds; Notary?; Lots More; Song: Mail Myself To You

CONTENTS 10/17/2020
Buried Belling-History
Safe Playgrounds For Everyone
Interesting New COVID Finding
Notary Public?
House Plant Exchange?
Free Water Filters
Free Rhythm Instruments
Update On Lost Kitty
Radio Free Fl!p: Mail Myself To You


A Virtual Tour of Bayview Cemetery
Wednesday, October 21, 2020 At 7 PM PDT
Kolby LaBree of the Good Time Girls Bellinghistory Tours will lead a virtual tour, highlighting some of the fascinating history of Bayview Cemetery, with filmed footage and historical photographs. Founded in 1887 when the town of Whatcom purchased a 10-acre plot along the road to Lake Whatcom, Bayview Cemetery is the only remaining cemetery in the town of Bellingham. We will explore how the cemetery has grown and highlight some of the history of its most interesting monuments. Question and answer session included! Event will be hosted via “Zoom” and last around an hour $10/person (half price of an in-person tour and you don’t have to leave your couch!) We appreciate your virtual love and support during these historic times!


[I am SO going to this!!!! Columbia neighborhood’s own local historian is also available to lead real-life walking history tours for families and other small, connected groups. Historical edutainment to bring people Real Fun History. Guided tours of Bellingham’s Downtown core, Historic Fairhaven District, and even our own neighborhood. ~ Fl!p ]



I’m sure I’m not the only parent who is delighted by the reopening of our neighborhood playgrounds. Please follow the simple rules for keeping these public resources safe and available to our kids. I see lots of adults unmasked, and lots of kids unmasked. Everyone over the age of two years old is required be masked. Please follow these simple public health prevention measures so the playgrounds can stay open. ~ Anna Blick, Cherry Street 




I am looking for someone to validate the witnessing of my mom’s will. I know I could drag her into an office somewhere but she really doesn’t “travel” well these days. We can get witnesses no problem, but I was hoping to have her signature witnessed and notarized when she comes over for dinner on the 24th of October to minimize the amount of exposure to people, places, etc. If you are, or if you know anyone who is, a notary public who would be willing to take about 15 minutes on that evening, please get in touch. I am happy to compensate at an appropriate rate.  Many thanks.
Leslie Glen, Elizabeth Street, bhamscot@gmail.com.  (360) 318-3815


Trade my peace lilies for your ?? houseplant? I would love to trade one or two of my Peace Lilies for a couple of your house plants.  They will get quite lush. Ideally I am looking for any of the following; String of Pearls, String of Turtles, String of Hearts, Pilea Peperomioides, Monstera, Swiss Cheese Plant.  Also looking for planters of all sizes and shapes. If interested, please call/text; 360-820-3854 ~ Lori Pobuta, Eldridge Ave.


We purchased by mistake three PUR MaxIon water filters for faucets. (We have a PUR pitcher which uses different filters). We opened the box so can’t return them. We would be thrilled to give them someone who could use them. ~ Steve and Michael Scott, sscottreloan@gmail.com


A neighbor dropped off a bag of quite nice rhythm instruments. Would anyone like to take a look? ~ Fl!p


We found her this morning safe and sound. Just a little hungry. We went out early to see if we could hear any meowing. Heard her locked in a neighbors’ garage. Neighbors were wonderfully helpful when we woke them up at 6am! Thanks to all for the concern. ~ Debbie Alleman


Woody Guthrie’s classic, sung by John McCutcheon. I’ve been teaching my 11 year old grandtwins, Henry & Lucy, to play guitar & ukulele over Zoom. I was moved to sing this song to Henry when he asked about an in person visit. And then, over the last couple weeks Zeke has written 205 personal letters to folks in swing states, asking them to be sure to vote. Today we took them to the post office. So here is John McCutcheon, singing a love song to the US Postal Service.


Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street flip@columbianeighborhood.org

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