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CONTENTS 10/15/2020
Share Hut
Cook Something New?
Candy Chutes
Broadway Hall Wind Damage
Free Cedar Chest
Smart Foods?
Radio Free Fl!p: The Keep Going Song


Hello Neighbors,
This is Jackie Brown and I am the face behind the Walnut Street Share Hut. Over the years the hut has brought enormous joy to those who have left treasures for their neighbors or discovered one behind its doors. The Share Hut embraces a concept neighbors support; a central place where folks from different backgrounds can come any time of day to give or receive. All they have to do is lift the latch.

Recently a neighbor posted a picture of a needle in a plastic cup that they found at the Share Hut on social media. In the ten years that the Share Hut has been on my property this is the first needle I have seen. My partner Robbie and I regularly clean out the hut and organize things. At times other neighbors on the street pitch in and help too. Since the needle discovery we are taking every precaution we can to make sure it doesn’t happen again. We are removing the benches so there isn’t a place to sit down and we’re checking on what has been left more often. One bench is already gone but the second has a huge ceiling fan on it. We need to take that to restore before we can remove that second bench. If you see something you are welcome to knock on our door (2721) and let us know.

I would like to ask you all to please not leave building supplies and heavily used items. Robbie and I run things that are not taken in a reasonable amount of time to Restore or the Goodwill. Ask yourself, “Is this an item that would be a gift for my neighbor?” before leaving anything. Over the years so many incredible things have been tucked onto the hut’s shelves!

I also want to give a big shout out to Cory Nye for rebuilding the front door and Shaun Van Harmelen for significantly reducing the cost of rebuilding the structure because he saw it as a benefit to the neighborhood!

Thank you all for your generous participation with the Share Hut!


Dear Neighbors, I put two bags of magazines in the Walnut Street Share Hut.  They are mostly cooking magazines (Eating Well, old Bon Appetite, Cooking Light), also a few others, including Mindfulness.  I hope they find good homes! It is good to expand your repertoire.
~ Joan Gaasland-Smith


I know that halloween is something that each family is going to need to make their own choices about this year. My little one loves handing out candy so in an effort to keep everyone safe we created a Candy Chute! We wanted to put it out there that if their are other folks who are interested we’d be happy to make you one too! They are about 8′ long at an angle to create 6′ of distance and work well with small candies (asking $15 to cover time/materials). They would also be easy to decorate/personalize with paint or ribbon. We also made a sign to let neighborhood folks know that we will be hosting a candy chute on halloween (signs are available for an additional $5). Let me know if you have any questions or if you’d like to place an order for one.
~ Jen Sandoval   Jaeger Street, 360-223-2564


Ouch!  Imagine how many much more powerful windstorms that historic structure has survived.  Could be the mortar has been receding or losing strength. Lots of old chimneys in our neighborhood!  ~ Tim Douglas


I have put an old and beat up cedar chest on our parking strip at 1609 E. Maplewood.  The outside is falling apart, but the inside is made of that aromatic cedar.  If you are a wood worker or just want to cut up the inside for pieces to protect against moths, this could be something of use to you.  At this moment it is covered with a blue tarp, in case of rain.
Joan Gaasland-Smith


Today we discovered that the nice little oak hydrangea we planted a couple weeks ago was dug up from its place in the parkway, with the hole neatly filled in. Keep a watchful eye on anything freshly planted in your yard. If you see a small hydrangea wandering aimlessly, it won’t bite and we’d love to welcome it back home!
~ Greg Hope, Victor Street


Is anyone headed for Smart Foods, over by the high school, in the next 3 or 4 days? Love/Fl!p


Sarah Goeke and Travis Staton Marrero perform a short dance piece in their living room in NYC to Abigail and Shaun Bengson’s song. I am so charmed!

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

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