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CONTENTS 9/17/2020
Map Your Neighborhood
Seeking Simple Books
DVD player?
York Rental
Radio Free Fl!p: This World


May clear Saturday morning. Hang on a little yet. It doesn’t appear to be rain that will clear the smoke. It takes some wind at ground level. West coast smoke has not only reached the east coast, it has now reached Europe. Be kind to your lungs.


I really do mean it that I would love every single block of our neighborhood (and other neighborhoods too) to gather on Zoom for one 90 minute meeting for the purpose of organizing as next door neighbors to prepare in case of an earthquake. Before the election. I will volunteer to come facilitate. This is the biggest thing I can think of to push back against the polarization happening in our country right now. I’d love your help. ~ Fl!p


We are just a few days from opening a 4 Fun Course in the small parking lot off Henry Street at Immanuel Bible Church! Neighbors, you are welcome to check it out with your kids! That small parking lot will be closed to cars next week beginning Monday. The 4 Fun Course leads up to the Bike Safety Rodeo on Saturday, September 26th. The Bike Safety Rodeo is designed to help young riders (age 4 to 7) improve skills and awareness. The course is expected to take about an hour. Helmets are required for riders and masks are mandatory.  A parent or guardian should plan to accompany their child.  Please call or text Sean Jeffrey at 360-961-2483 for more information or to sign up.  If we are rained out on September 26th, the event will be moved to the following Saturday, October 3rd. 


With the Columbia Elementary and the library closed for browsing shelves (challenging to do with online reservation system), I am searching for short, early reader type books for a first grader who is reading paragraphs and simple chapter books. If you have old books lying around that your kids aren’t using any more, we’d love to borrow or buy some. Thank you,
~ Claire McPhee


My wife and I are looking for a DVD player. If anybody has one they are looking to part with, let me know! ~ Alex Jeffers, Utter Street


[Sent by a buddy looking for help finding good neighbors…] The house next to me in the York neighborhood is going to be for rent in October. Very small 3 bdrm, 3/4 bath (no tub) $1800 mo. The owners are Lauren and Brian: 425.772.5282. ~ Nancy Mullane


The holiday this weekend is Rosh Hashanah, not Chanukah. But I wrote this five years ago today as my sister was dying. I like the thought of inviting anyone who wants to see what is at the heart of this ritual to join me when the time is right. This year, wait to light your candles until the smoke has cleared, please. But the candles and the ritual have taught me so much in my life. I like the thought of sharing this with you.

Last night Kitty called us together to watch the sunset out the window. The beauty of this lovely world! My brother Joe described it as being like watching the Chanukah candles burn all the way down. I don’t know if you’ve ever done that. I think that if you haven’t, you might like to, this year. Get 9 birthday candles – they may last half an hour if the room isn’t drafty. You can pick up a children’s mini-menorah, or just cut a potato in half lengthwise and drill 9 holes on the lumpy side, not too close together. At dusk, light one candle as the shamus (the servant) and then light all the rest of the candles with that first one. Say a blessing for the creation of light in the darkness, for the turning of the seasons, and for the long connections we have with our ancestors. Then pay quiet attention to the flames as they burn all the way down, till the last candle finally flickers out. This ritual was a key part of our childhood and an important part of how the three of us frame life and death in this world.  ~ Fl!p


By Malvina Reynolds, Larry Hanks used to sing it, back when he lived over on Williams Street.

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