Air Quality; Homeless, With Smoke & Covid; Fire Fighters Follow-Up; Lots More; Tunes From John Miller

CONTENTS 9/15/2020
Air Quality Report
Homeless, With Smoke & Covid
Halloween Input
Family Rental Wanted
Fire Fighters Follow-Up
All Good On Curly Willow
Bellingham Irish Festival, Virtually
John Miller Online Concert
Radio Free Fl!p: John Miller Sampler


This is helpful because it’s real time. ~ Patti Rathbun

[The clearing we’re seeing today is in the upper air, not the ground level stuff we’re currently breathing, which is still unhealthy. We’ve got an Inversion – a layer of  warmer air on top of colder air at the surface. That warmer upper layer traps the bottom layer. So it looks less smoky, there is some sun breaking through, but we still have too much smoke to go out and play.  ~Fl!p]


Some folks are not able to handle being in a huge shelter space, but right now the only alternative is outdoors. We are all safer when everyone has shelter. Please support our city council to follow through on some excellent planning that has already been done. Without implementation, no amount of planning will save lives or create a livable community for us all.



I am in search of a foam surfboard. ~ Chloe Burns  425-890-6250


My husband, 2 kids (3 year old  and 6 month old) and I are wanting to move back to Bellingham to be closer to the grandparents – does anyone have a 3 bedroom rental coming available in the next few months? We don’t have any indoor pets, but would love to bring our chickens along if possible (it’s not a dealbreaker if that’s not an option). Our budget is around $2000/mo. Feel free to email me at if you have or know of anything!  Thank you! ~ Brandy Shreve


Sarah Granger sent me a photo of our donations. Readers really stepped up to the plate! Many people brought fresh produce, flowers, thank you cards and more for the 20 folks coming off an 18 day shift fighting forest fires, eating only MRE freeze dried food. The workers will have 48 hours off, and then start their next shift. Sarah wrote, “ I am overwhelmed with happiness and great fullness over the generosity of our home. There is more food in the fridge and freezer as well. And more people are dropping stuff off.”


Thanks so much for the curly willow offers!  Our neighborhood continues to amaze me with its generosity and willingness to help out!  I will be in touch with those who reached out, and I had 3 offers, so I am all set now.  Many thanks! ~ Cat Enright, Utter Street


October 9, 10, 11, 2020
Hooray!!!! This will be wonderful…


Saturday, September 19 at 4:00 PM, PDT:

John is an extraordinary guitarist in many genres. He’ll be presenting a program of original Country Blues arrangements and songs, some songs from the Great American Songbook by composers like Hoagy Carmichael and Jerome Kern and some original tunes. The show is being hosted by the Trumansburg Conservatory of the Fine Arts. They have presented a series of on-line concerts during this pandemic period, when it has not been safe to give or attend in-person concerts.


Local (Birchwood) guitarist John Miller let me know today that he’s playing an online concert on Saturday. To me, that’s a big deal. So I poked around online to see what I could find to share with you. Choosing just one song is impossible. I first met John playing bass for the early jazzgrass band Country Cooking with Tony Trischka. John apparently hadn’t played bass before, but the band talked him into it. Then John did a series of Country Blues albums. And started teaching for Guitar Camp. I remember him doing a spontaneous workshop in which he took us on a tour of the south eastern US, county by county, playing tunes from one blues musician, and then explaining that that person’s uncle lived in the next county over, and played something from them, and so on, for several hours. When Peter McCracken wanted to start a Blues Workshop for Centrum in Port Townsend, the story I heard was that Peter asked John over dinner who John would hire if he wanted to run such a camp. John scribbled a long list for Peter, with a caution that the players might not all still be alive. A couple years later, the camp began, with almost all of the folks on that list. Many had never been North, but were lured by the other names on the list. I’m not a blues player, but I absolutely went. But John wasn’t done. After several stunning albums of blues, he put out an album of Gershwin and went on for several more albums from the Great American Songbook. And then there are the Bossa Novas… Whatever he’s playing, I always feel like he’s picking up my foot and tapping it for me.

Jalapenos (yes, this is just one guitar, no overdubs)

Muskrat Ramble (Starts slow, but look out when he shifts gears!)

Biding My Time (Gershwin)

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