Smoke Forecasts; Improving Indoor Air; Lots More, Kitten is Home; Song: It’s A Pleasure To Know You

CONTENTS 9/13/2020
Smoke Forecasts
Improving Indoor Air
Air Cleaner Cleaning
Looking For Pressure Cooker
Wanted – Curly Willow Limbs
Garage Space?
Another Fan Hack
Kitten Is Home!
Free Piano
Musical Instruments To Pass On
Radio Free Fl!p: It’s A Pleasure To Know You

I just sent today’s Update, which I thought I had sent hours ago. And here was yesterday’s as well! The Smoke forecasts are way out of date but the rest of it is still timely. And the song at the end is particularly marvelous. Love/Fl!p


Current model runs suggest a slower clearing of the air than we had hoped for. We may see some decline in concentrations by midnight and we won’t be fully clear by 8am tomorrow (but we should be in better shape).

Here’s a link to the midnight model result:

And here’s 8am tomorrow:

An animation of the modeled progression starting from 4pm today is here:

Also, please note that the model is showing concentrations of PM2.5 and not the AQI – please don’t confuse the two or assume that the color scale is the same as you might see on some other site. I just wish the models for this type of thing we’re more reliable. I’m looking forward to some clean air! Regards, ~Tim Sturtz


Ht/t Frank James, former Whatcom County Public Health Officer—Wildfire-Smoke-Events


Thanks for the blog entries on DIY air cleaners. Here’s something I just realized: You can tell if your box fan air cleaner is working, and when the filter needs replacing, by looking through the filter at a bright light source. If the filter is working, you’ll see a dark circle the circumference of the fan blades, where particles (like smoke particles) that were in the air have been trapped by being sucked in to the filter. If you see that dark circle, it’s also probably a good time to change the filter. ~ Clyde Ford


We have a stand up piano, Black, will need a tune up. It has a bench for music storage. Would love to find it a good home, we acquired years ago from the girls preschool teacher. ~ Sabina Gouran , Elizabeth Street, Call or text-360-383-6385


I would like to borrow your large pressure cooker for canning.  I can offer a jar of delicious bounty for your generosity! ~ Ann Shannon, Utter Street, call/text 360/ 319.9114


I am rebuilding a curly willow bench and table because some nasty bugs have gotten to the wood.  Do you have a curly willow whose limbs I could trim to use for my project? Many thanks, in advance. ~ Cat Enright, Utter Street


Looking for garage space to rent for storing classic cars. Different size automobiles. Single space or multiple. ~ Eli Hinton 360 355 3612. E. Victor.


I’ve thought about putting a furnace filter into a window and duct taping it if I have to. Then running a window fan on exhaust. Having compromised lungs, I built for my workshop an air cleaner with 2 box fans and 3 filters. Two of which are washable. I glued them to a wooden base with bungees so things don’t fall apart. It’s basically what high end air cleaners are.  Maybe something to think about for next year. My concern was also the strain on the fan motor. ~ Dave Lind, 2908 Lorraine Ellis Ct.


Kitty was found and reunited with the family!!! Snowy is home!


These three instruments have followed us through life from our days in the ’60s in San Francisco, so they are variously not very high quality or in very good shape. Anyone who is interested can come and pick them up. Just call Clyde or Susan Curley at 360-738-6862 to make arrangements.

“Autoharp” brand–good tone, no broken strings, but missing buttons on three of the chord bars.

3/4 size fiddle–no bridge, tailpiece, or chin rest, but with a genuine fake Strad label! Good project for a luthier-in-training! Comes with a case.

Lap dulcimer–definitely low end, nothing fancy in the appointments, three strings with machine tuners, plays fine. No case.


This is a spectacularly wonderful song, and gloriously sung with a wide open heart. It’s my gift to you in this tough time. Today would have been Faith Petric’s 105th birthday. Here’s a video of her singing back in 2012, at the age of almost 97. Faith was a great inspiration to me. She was at the heart of the San Francisco Folk Music Society. I always thought she knew more songs than anybody. And a surprising number of them were naughty! She taught one of the naughty ones to my then-five-year-old son one time. And he sang it to his own grandma when they were waiting on the steps on the Seattle Opera House when Mom took him see the Nutcracker for the first time. Mom was impressed, but not exactly delighted.

I remember talking with Faith one time about hitchhiking around Japan. She’d been all over. I said something about old times and she said, “No! I went just last year. Those folks really respect their elders.” Here is Faith with a message I needed in the middle of all the current disasters. Maybe you could use it too. It was always one of my favorites. (Thanks to Steve and Michael Scott for sending it on to me.)

Love/Fl!p  360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

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