Alert: Dangerous Smoke; Need Bunny Hutch; More; Lullabye

CONTENTS 9/11/2020

Alert: Dangerous Smoke
Need Bunny Hutch Or Big Dog Kennel
Found Camera
Radio Free Fl!p: Sweet and Low


This is a weekend to stay indoors, with windows closed. Starting now. Rig up an air cleaner if you don’t already have one. The forecast is for very heavy smoke, which can have health impacts for everyone. Here are online resources from a local air professional:

Just a heads up that the plume of poor air quality is rolling in. The AQI that is often reported reflects the 24-hour average concentration which, from the point that the plume arrives, takes some time to reflect the degraded state of our air. One way to see around that longer averaging period is to look at the PurpleAir website which shows a shorter averaging period (the site defaults to showing how concentrations are changing at 10-minute intervals instead of 24-hour).

I’ll point out that the health implications associated with the AQI scale are focused on 24-hour AQI, not the 10-minute version, but in this case our 24-hour concentration will be increasing steadily over the next couple days and the 10-minute version serves as our canary in the coal mine.

For those interested in digging into visualizations of the forecasts, I’ll suggest looking at the NOAA HRRR Smoke model and the corresponding visualization site. Warning it can be a big more detail than some might want to deal with. Anyone interested in the site should only focus on the “near-surface smoke”, to focus on the smoke that we’ll be inhaling. Here’s a link to the most recent model run visualization, depicting how our air may change.

Regards, Tim Sturtz

P.S. For what it’s worth I’m a professional air quality engineer!


My friend and her family were evacuated from the fires down south and arrived at our house late last night with their dwarf bunny in a small carrying case. Does anyone have a bunny hutch or anything that can be used as a bunny hutch for the next few days until it is safe for them to return home? This would be greatly appreciated so everyone (particularly bunny) can feel more comfortable.   Thank you ~ Sarah Garrett  2429 Spruce 415-676-1025


Found an SLR camera Sept 10 afternoon in the middle of on-street parking just off the Guide Meridian at the music store across from the ReStore. It looks almost new. There was nowhere safe to leave it, so I brought it home. I posted a photo of the case on Craigslist:  If it’s yours, please call me at 360-255-8452 to identify and arrange pick-up. ~ Lee Seaman, 360-255-8452 Washington St.


I am looking for a skilled bricklayer. If you have any good references, please let me know. Thanks neighbors!

~ Diana Ambauen-Meade Lorraine Ellis Ct.


In the midst of such craziness, a lullaby. Me and a then brand new friend, and my Mom, who sang me the song while I was still inside her womb. Aimee knew it from her own mother. I could use some comfort on this day, and you might too.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

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