Free Food For Kids / Helping Farmers; Burn Ban; Bike Safety Rodeo; More; Song: Woody Knows Nothing

CONTENTS 9/10/2020
Free Food For Kids / Helping Farmers
Burn Ban
Bike Safety Rodeo
Estate Garage Sale
Wallet Was Returned!
Short Term Rental
Motherlode & More
Radio Free Fl!p: Woody Knows Nothing

FREE FOOD FOR KIDS WHILE HELPING LOCAL FARMERS: People with kids under 18 years old are needed to come pick up food to keep local farmers working. USDA grants are paying for this, and it is not need based. No pre-qualifications, reservations or additional requirements needed. Just drive through, tell them how many kids you have, and go home with food. They are asking to spread the word so people can keep working. I wouldn’t normally go otherwise for fear of taking something that someone else needs, but they have an abundance of fresh food to distribute.


Effective immediately, all outdoor fires within the Bellingham city limits are prohibited until further notice. This includes recreational fires. The Bellingham Fire Department has deemed this a necessary safety precaution due to continued high temperatures and dry vegetation within the city.

This restriction prohibits all fires where solid wood is being used as fuel including open-air campfires and fires in fire pits or outdoor fireplaces. Under this recreational fire ban, propane and natural gas fire pits and barbecues and charcoal barbecues are still allowed to be used for cooking provided solid wood is not being burned. However, care should be exercised in the disposal of charcoal and ashes. Charcoal and ash should be discarded in a metal container and dowsed with water. The container must be kept 10 feet from any structures, trees, or other combustible materials.

Our community is a special place and we all need to do our part to keep it safe, especially during increased fire danger periods. Reckless violation of these restrictions should be reported by calling 9-1-1. Violation of these restrictions can result in criminal charges and minimum fines of $250.


Immanuel Bible Church is sponsoring a free Bike Safety Rodeo for kids age 4 to 7 on Saturday, Sept. 26th, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and 1:00 to 4:00 pm. The course will be set up in the main parking lot at Immanuel. Stations will be designed to provide opportunities for kids to improve their bike safety in areas such as: helmet fit check, starting and stopping, how to avoid rocks, points of interaction with traffic, and more. The course is expected to take about an hour. Helmets are required for riders and masks are mandatory.  A parent or guardian should plan to accompany their child.  Please call or text Sean Jeffrey at 360-961-2483 to sign up and schedule a start time. If we are rained out on Sept. 26th, the event will be moved to the following Saturday, Oct. 3rd. Also, be watching for a mini “4 Fun Course” which will appear in the small parking lot off Henry Street the week before the Bike Safety Rodeo! For more information, please call Sean Jeffrey at 360-961-2483. -Autumn Cole, Immanuel Bible Church (retired secretary)


Saturday and Sunday (9/12 and 9/13)

Lots of tools, boxes of books, jewelry, shoes, furniture, outdoor furniture, and more. Masks should be worn and social distancing will be in effect. Cheap prices and some free items. Located in the Columbia neighborhood at 2010 Washington Street. (Corner of Lynn Street and Washington Street.) Sale starts Saturday, 8am to around 4pm, and Sunday, 8am to around 2pm.  Thank you! ~ Gayleen Ronk


Hooray, and thank you all.


Our furnished 4 bedroom 2 bath home is available to rent Oct 17-Dec 17th. $2000/mo. includes utilities. The house is mostly on one level with a basement (one combined bedroom/bathroom/rec/office downstairs), although there are some steps to get up to the front door. Two of the bedrooms currently have bunk beds. ~ Suzanne and Adrian, Utter Street


Marie Eaton lived on Henry Street for decades. She has since moved across town, but her music still echoes around this neighborhood. She’s had a band, Motherlode, all these years with three other great singers. One of them, Kathleen Fallon, has just recorded her first solo album, Journey, with lots of back-up from her dear bandmates. They all recently did an album release concert via Zoom, and Marie has edited it, into a YouTube video. You can watch it here. And order Kathleen’s record too if you want.


Cindy Kallet – with Grey Larsen joining her. Relax and bask… Cindy recorded an album called Leave The Cake In The Mailbox of songs for parent and children. The album is nothing like a standard “children’s album.” I keep coming back to this song through the years. Can’t remember who wrote it. Cindy has a son named Woody. That’s probably what floated this song into her life. My life has always had a soundtrack of songs in my mind. Always.

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