Air Quality Tomorrow; Put Me In Your Phone? Dog Is Home; Lots More; Song:  Canned Goods

CONTENTS 9/7/2020
Air Quality Tomorrow
Put Me In Your Phone?
Frightened Dog Is Home
Exercise Ball Goes For A Roll
Free Italian Plums
Apple Press Loan?
Free Magic Tree House Books
Want To Purchase: Bike Trailer
Radio Free Fl!p: Canned Goods


Air quality won’t be quite as good tomorrow. Moderate. Here is a website to keep checking for forecasts.


I had a locked-out house-sitter show up on my doorstep this morning. They were taking out the recycling and did not have their phone, and therefore didn’t have the home-owners’ phone numbers. I was able to find the vacationing owners in my database and call them, but realized the call would come from an unfamiliar number and probably be assumed to be spam. Fortunately, one of them picked up and we were able to figure out what to do from there. But that got me thinking. You might want to make sure that I have a current phone number & address for you, and you might want to put my phone number into your phone so if I call you, you’ll know it’s me. You might also want to make sure one or two of your neighbors have a copy of your key. Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511


12:30 this afternoon. Liver spotted dog with collar and short tail on 2700 Block of Eldridge.  Spooked by car, but mostly staying on sidewalk but runs away when approached with treats and barks.  Running through yards and back alley around Eldridge & Lafayette. Posted on Columbia Facebook page & Craigslist. If anyone learns if the dog got home safe, please let us know. ~ Collette Keller 360-303-1771. 

Found her lying next to her owner’s car in our alley. All is well. She is home. Thank you everyone. She was out over 3 hours. ~ Rebecca Meloy, Lafayette Street


Are you missing a silver Yoga Ball? My kids “rescued” one that was blowing down the street this morning in all the wind. I have it in my garage. (apparently at West and Jefferson) ~ Lindsey Escher,  West and Jefferson,


Help, come get some! Out in front at 2925 Nevada. I’m drowning in plums. Thanks. ~ Linda Twitchell


I’m hoping to borrow an apple press for an afternoon. I’m happy to pick up and return it, if you don’t mind lending it out.  Thank you! Rachel Budelsky 360-966-6393 (call or text ok).  


I’ve got 3 railroad ties in pretty good shape. They were from my neighbors garden, & surprise they ended up on my side in the alley. Please go up the alley from Illinois between Lorraine Ellis Court & Walnut St.. I am at 2908 Lorraine Ellis Court (there is an address marker on my fence), and they are next to my pole building. You will need a truck. No need to tell me when you take them. If you want to know if they are still available, please drive the alley. Go slow near the end, there are some “killer” pot holes. Thanks, ~ Dave Lind, Lorraine Ellis Court


A few more well-loved than others, my kids have read them through many times and we’re ready to pass them on to another family. Join Jack and Annie in their mysterious treehouse that whisks them back in time to have adventures and solve mysteries in the past. We have book 1 through 28, and a few into the 30s, with bonus magic treehouse research guides. Covid safe pickup in a box on our porch. Just call/text my stay at home-school husband to arrange a time = Scott 206-371-5461 ~ Kim Bauer Lynn St


A few weeks back l posted asking if anyone had a child bike trailer that l could borrow for a few weeks. I got an incredible response from neighbors offering. (and l hope l thanked everyone)  l borrowed the trailer so our friend with a two yr old could try it out. Together we all rode to Squalicum beach for a picnic supper. Since then they went on many adventures and even some grocery runs. They LOVED it and now we’re posting to see if anyone has one FOR SALE.  Hopefully $100. or less.  Kathy and Dave Fox Elizabeth St. 360 441 6239


In these very days of the year, back in 2015, I went to Maine to help my sister Kitty die. Bits of writing float back up from that time. Here’s one:

I am training wheels for death:
A slightly wobbly glide into new territory
Trying to avoid crashing on the way down this hill
An unfamiliar balancing act
But so far the slope is gentle.


Greg Brown. Taste a little of the summer. Grandma put it all in jars… I posted this song way last spring, but I think I posted the short version. This one has all the storytelling embedded. A boy’s view of life, of summer, confusion and hope and safety and family and love.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

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