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CONTENTS 8/23/2020
Found Keys
Neighborhood Meeting Tuesday
“Play Music On The Porch” Day
Not All Antibodies Are Alike
Foodbank Music
Women’s Suffrage Program
In Search Of Canning Lids
Seeking Help To Set Up A Simple Website
Suffrage Video Series
Fl!p’s 70th Birthday Concert
Radio Free Fl!p: FlatWorld


We found a set of keys on the 2200 block of Henry St on August 21st. A couple of identifiers are a car fob and a fitness pass.
Scott Rice
2223 Henry Street


Online – Zoom Call
Tuesday, August 25, 7-8:30pm
Our Neighborhood Quarterly Meeting will be focused on conversations with our neighbors to share ideas, tips, strategies during this time of COVID-19.

1) Welcome and CNA Announcements
2) CNA Treasurer’s  and MNAC Report
3) Get to Know Your Neighbors Activity
4) Columbia Conversations in Breakout Rooms. Room Topics – 1- Strategies for staying home, staying healthy, 2- Neighborhood Facebook Page, 3- Parenting and education in the Pandemic, 4- Sharing things you can do at home and outside, 5 – Other.
5) Meeting Wrap up
*Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 950 8383 9982
Passcode: 570291
One tap mobile
+12532158782,,95083839982# US


Next Saturday is “Play Music on the Porch Day.” Here’s a web site:

I’d not heard of it before, but since we had so much fun playing on my back deck on July 4th, I’m having another double-reed session next Saturday, weather permitting. it would be great to let the neighborhood know to stroll by. It will be in the afternoon, but haven’t nailed down the times yet. ~ Ken Bronstein

Hey neighbors! If you want to join in, send me your address, time, and a blurb about the music you play, and I’ll post a list! I’ll check and see if we can find a way to put them all on the map.  Love/Fl!p


From BetsyBrownMD

I’m not actually including this article to scare you. Yes, C-19 spreads. And there is still a lag between getting a test and being pretty sure you don’t have it. But Betsy’s article focuses hopefully on what and how researchers are learning about antibodies. And about how various tests work. It’s worth reading this whole article not only about what they are learning, but about how research works.

Fascinating report in The Seattle Times about an outbreak of COVID-19 on a fishing boat out of Seattle. The owners had worked with the virology lab at UW and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research to screen 120 out of 122 employees just prior to departure. Luckily, they also tested for antibodies to look for prior exposure. Out of 120, 6 had positive levels of antibodies that bind to the viral capsule, indicating prior exposure. Only 3 of the 6 also had positive levels of neutralizing antibodies which keep the spike protein from attaching to human cells. Everyone tested negative for the virus at the time of departure.

However, as we know, a negative test for the virus one day can become positive the next day, since it takes a few days after exposure for the infection to show up. Within 18 days the boat returned to port due to a crew member being sick. That was just the beginning. By the end of the outbreak, 104 out of 122 had been infected, as confirmed by SARS-CoV-2 PCR testing. That’s 85% of the crew. The 3 with neutralizing antibodies did not get sick or show signs of reinfection. The other 3 crew members with the capsule antibodies did get infected. Researchers thinks this implies false positives, but it is not clear yet.

The protection the neutralizing antibodies afforded is good news. These are small numbers but add to the optimism of finding an effective vaccine that develops the neutralizing antibodies. This also supports the concerns cited in this article that the capsule antibody test may show prior exposure, but is not helpful in confirming immunity. A positive test may be a false positive from a prior coronavirus (common cold) infection, as well. Hence, some of the confusion over antibody testing and results…


I got this today from some local music buddies who are likely to be familiar to Farmer’s Market regulars, playing sing-alongs for little ones and their parents (and everyone else of course)! Since we haven’t been able to sing at the farmer’s market this year, we have been looking for another way to enjoy singing and support the food bank. Yesterday, we got together and recorded a song, posted it on our FB page and invited people to donate to the food bank.  it was so much fun!


Former Utter Street neighbor (for 30 years or more) Linda Allen sent me this: This week, we are celebrating the Suffragists who battled for the vote 100 years ago.  At the heart of the Suffrage story is both the silencing and the raising up of women’s voices.    With this in mind, some of you know that a decade ago, I began developing a program with original songs, stories and historical images called “Here’s to the Women!”.   I believe strongly that it is a story worth telling, particularly in these times when our own right to vote is under attack.

In normal times, I would be on the road now, with bookings from Seneca Falls to Washington State.  But then, of course, everything changed.  So I made the decision, with the help of my tech-savvy spouse, Scott and others to create a video of the performance.  This weekend, “Here’s to the Women!” will be premiering at Seneca Falls.  I would have been there in person in the Spring, but I’m glad to be there virtually now.

I’m going to let this link to the trailer on my web site speak for me about the program.  It’s right at the top of the page.  I invite you to take three minutes to watch it, and then please share it!

If you or someone you know would like to view an individual showing of the 53- minute program at home (on your own schedule), please go to the link directly below to purchase your $15.00 ticket through FireHouse Performing Arts Center.  A portion of your purchase will help support FireHouse and the League of Women Voters.

Or, if your  group would like to book this video version of  “Here’s to the Women!” please contact me for information via email:

Thanks so much for watching! it is so important to remember those who have gone before and to honor their courage by voting! 


I’m looking for 5-10 new wide-mouth canning jar lids. All of the local stores seem to be sold out of lids and jars! I am happy to pay or share a jar of dilly beans with you. Thanks!  ~ Cynthia May, Keesling Street


I am seeking help setting up an individualized teaching website on wordpress. I would be happy to hire someone with experience or newly started out in website-creation work. One page with likely three linked pages–simple site.  Text with some photos.  If you are interested, please contact Kara Black 360-676-2300,


Lots of celebrations of women’s suffrage are happening. Washington State Historical Society. Our State Historical Museum has an online program on Suffrage. It’s about an hour long.


Thursday August 27, 7 PM online

I will record an online concert tomorrow afternoon & evening down at the Firehouse Performing Arts Center in Fairhaven, and my concert will air right on my birthday. I would love to get to sing to you, my beloved neighborhood. I will be playing my Columbia Neighborhood guitar and singing at least a couple neighborhood-specific songs. Here is one link, for facebook. You don’t have to me a facebook member to watch there. I will post other links on as soon as they are available (maybe not till Thursday).

I’m thinking that tomorrow I will do my best to be “Mr Rogers” – believing somehow that when I look into the camera, there will be people who want to connect. If you know you’re planning to watch the concert, it would be a gift to let me know before I record, so I can hold you in my mind as I sing. For me, songs have always been about community, gathering our voices together and resting in the strength of them. This time I will have to imagine that.  I’d love your help to cheer me on.

On Thursday evening, I will be at my computer, watching along with you, and responding as best I can to your comments. What an odd, out-of-body experience! But I’m eager to try something new.


From a long-ago concert at the Roeder Home, playing with dear old friends.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

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