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CONTENTS 8/9/2020
Fl!p’s Computer Lives
Found Cat
County Health Dept Survey
Elizabeth Station Pizza!
Old Signs
Free Glass Coffee Table
Survival Of The Friendliest
Seeking A Home
Share House?
Radio Free Fl!p:  Fl!p’s 70Th Birthday Concert


I think I’m back! No promises, but so far today we’ve got smooth sailing. Fingers crossed. Thank you to the MANY supporters who brought keyboards, suggested repair folks, and even donated money. I might not need a new computer after all. It looked bad Thursday, but my keyboard has been slowly improving and I’m typing smoothly this evening! I took it to Angelo of Compu-Man out on the north shore of Lake Whatcom. He replaced the battery, which had swollen, and cleaned the keyboard. He also told me to stop eating at my computer… Total cost under $200.

I could give back the various keyboards you all loaned me at this point. Though I have fallen in love with the little silver Apple bluetooth keyboard and may see if it will work with my iPad. I think I’ve learned I have to do better backups than just plugging in the remote disc every 10 days. Getting a bunch of files replicated on the iPad might be good insurance. Thank you everybody!


We found a cat this morning (8/9) on the sidewalk of Elizabeth Street and West Connecticut. It has white with other tabby and light brown markings. The cat was microchipped, so efforts are underway to locate the owner. If you are missing a cat please contact Bethany Gray Flint. Thanks, Jason Pass, Eldridge Ave


Whatcom County residents are asked by the county health department to take a 10-minute online survey seeking to understand people’s choices to adopt personal prevention practices such as limiting social gatherings or wearing masks in public or social settings. (WCHD)


Thursdays through Sundays for dine in from 3-6:30 and take out from 3-7! We are making the dough (72 hour fermentation) and sauce from scratch for these 13 inch pies. If you’ve tried out take home pizza kits in the past few weeks, you know how good these are. We will be serving 5 different styles for you to try with more coming in the next few weeks. We are very excited to see what you all think. We’ve been testing these in house for a little bit now and we are excited to get these out to the public! Find the menu at Elizabethstation.es/foodmenu 


If anyone wants to upcycle their political signage, I gladly take it. My students use it to make various projects such as rocket fins, rubber band powered vehicles, buildings/obstacle courses for their robots, etc, etc. Just drop them off at the corner of Walnut and Connecticut near the big fir tree.

Thanks – Gary Brandt


Free glass coffee table in front of 2621 Walnut. Come and get it before the weather does. Thanks!
David Engebretson Jr
2621 Walnut


Pretty interesting…



These are two young adults I know well and love dearly! They grew up here in town. I can be an enthusiastic reference for them! ~ Fl!p

We are a young couple (late 20s) looking for a new place to call home! We’re both WWU grads, now working as educators in Bellingham. Katy works for the Opportunity Council in their early learning department and Evan teaches music and theatre with BAAY and other local institutions.

Our ideal home would be a two bedroom (or bedroom and separate office/work space) house with lots of light inside, and some outdoor space for a small garden. We would love to be within a reasonable walk or bike ride from downtown (e.g. Lettered Streets, Sunnyland, York, Sehome, Columbia neighborhoods). Our ideal budget would be up to $1,500 a month, and we would be happy to do work trade (gardening, upkeep, etc.) to help keep it in that range. These are, of course, ideals, so we’re willing to entertain other options, as long as they have some kind of outdoor space.

We have been isolating ourselves as much as possible during the pandemic while primarily working from home. We’ve found ourselves feeling constrained in our lovely-but-tiny apartment, and are finding it is time to have a little bit more space, windows that look outside, and especially some green space to garden. We’ve been together for 10 years, and our lifestyle is mostly quiet save for our musicianship (guitar & harp mostly). We are happiest in nature or working on our artistic projects.

Please contact us if you have a place like this to let, or simply if you have any info or leads! References and further info on request.

Evan Ingalls & Katy Mullen


Hi, I’m Andrzej! I’m moving to Bellingham and seeking a shared living arrangement starting (ideally) at the beginning of September to be more available to my aging parents. I’m used to living well with others; I’ve lived in an eight-person co-op in San Francisco (6 years) and, more recently, in a shared house in Berkeley (8 years to date). I’m easy to get along with, respectful, tidy, and clean. I enjoy social gatherings and also understand the need for personal time and space. I love cooking. I run my own company and work from home (or from cafes during normal times). I’m a singer songwriter (my primary interest is folk and world music) though this has taken more of a back seat to my company recently. I’m passionate about nature & the environment and the role music, the arts, and ecological literacy can play in strengthening environmental ethics. To this end I help produce the Future Ecologies podcast and started Half Wild, which I’m hoping to bring to Bellingham. It features performing songwriters, poets, filmmakers, and writers whose work is grounded in a connection to nature and to the land. My ideal living situation would be with other folks interested in nature & the outdoors, ecology, community, or the arts. I can be reached at andrzej@halfwild.earth


Thursday August 27th at 7:00 PM, Online Link TBA

Here’s an early notice, in case you’d like to join me. I’m afraid you’ll need to arrange for your own cake and ice cream this year, but I’ll bring some of my most treasured songs and my beloved Columbia Neighborhood guitar.


Recorded from the middle of the audience at a long-ago birthday concert.


Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511   flip@columbianeighborhood.org

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

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