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CONTENTS 8/7/2020
Still Can’t Type
Night Time Construction
Moving Mishap
Subdued String Band Festival
Elizabeth Park Concert
Arts Support
Looking For Metal Welding Artist
Needed House Cleaner
Hard Working 12-Year-Old
Iso: Mountain Bike
Boat For Sale
Radio Free Fl!p: Michel Smith


Doing the best I can. Phoning is good. Emails are fine. I can read but I may not be able to answer.


To be more accurate, ‘Bham cold storage performing in-water maintenance dredging of shipping and berthing area. Noise variance not required as it is similar to ongoing shipping and navigation al operations performed ~ Robin Eldore


Bellingham Cold Storage will be performing in-water maintenance dredging of the shipping and berthing area abutting their facilities on Roeder Avenue.

The work is scheduled to start on Monday August 3rd. Activities will last approximately one week. The work will be conducted during night time hours to avoid conflicts with regular off and on-loading hours. The dredging is necessary to remove several ‘high-spots’ in the channel that were left behind when the Army Corps performed their routine maintenance last winter.

Hope this helps!
Kurt Nabbefeld, Development Services Manager,
SEPA Responsible Official


Hello neighbors! We were moving yesterday and lost a grey lid to a large Rubbermaid. Somewhere in the North-Connecticut and Walnut-Cherry area. Please let us know if you found it!
Virginia Cleaveland

Subdued String Band Festival


Thursday Aug 13, 6 PM live online


KMRE 102.3 FM

Bellingham’s Local Radio Station – 102.3 FM or listen online.



Thanks to the partnership of The Eldridge Society for History and Preservation, Bellingham Parks and Recreation, and our friends at Varvid and KMRE 102.3 FM, these concerts are brought to you weekly, so we can stay safe and enjoy great music. 



We heART commUNITY

Whatcom County arts and culture organizations are teaming up to inspire giving to the arts during COVID closure, with the theme “We heART commUNITY.” Community members are invited to make a $50 donation to at least five participating organizations, totaling $250 in giving to the arts. In return, donors will receive an exclusive tote bag, commemorating their part in the movement to keep arts alive and thriving in Whatcom County! Tax-deductible donations can be made at where more information is listed about the “We heART commUNITY” campaign.

Participating Organizations:
Allied Arts of Whatcom County
Bellingham Repertory Dance
Bellingham Symphony Orchestra
Bellingham Theatre Guild
CASCADIA International Women’s FF
Children of the Setting Sun Productions
Choir of the Salish Sea
Jansen Art Center
Jazz Center of Bellingham
Mount Baker Theatre
Pickford Film Center
Sylvia Center for the Arts
The Jazz Project
Whatcom Art Guild
~ Ariel Brownstein
(360) 490-9100 (Cell)


I’m re-siding my house in Columbia neighborhood and have visions of a metal crescent moon and stars mounted to the apex just under the front gable. Does anyone know who in the area might be able to manufacture mountable art like that?
Raina Clark
Cherry Street


Twice a month cleaning at St. James Estates woman. If any one has a recommendation, please contact me at
Thank you.
Analeise Volpe
Victor Street


Yours for the taking. Literally, you will need to come inside the gate and takes away the pieces you want. About 20’ long x 2’ deep, cut in sections for easy removal. Healthy, lush grass, so needs to find a home quickly. Please contact me to make arrangements for picking up the grass.  Home most of today and tomorrow.
Rhonda Youngker
2530 Henry
425.466.7136, call or text

Hard Working 12-Year-Old  

$10 per hour  Do you need a chore done, anywhere from walking a dog to mowing your lawn? Well then you found the right person! I can mow your lawn, weed your garden, walk your dog, and any other chores or odd jobs that you don’t have time for. I will show up on time, work hard, and follow your directions. My name is Gavin and I’m going to be a seventh grader at Whatcom Middle School next school year. For more information please email my mom at:
-Gavin May on Keesling St.


Hi my name is Skylar Lorenz, I’ve been working with families for 7 years as a part-time nanny. I have mornings open until 1:45pm: Monday thru Wednesday to help with working families that have children @ at home. Thursday & Friday’s available full day.   I can help with class work, ZOOM class follow through &/ general childcare needs.  I’m 20 years old, valid drivers license & live in the neighborhood. I’m currently finishing my AA @ WCC now all on-line. This is the best way to contact me at this time. I will give my cell # after I read emails. ~ Skylar Lorenz

ISO: Mountain Bike

I am looking to buy a medium-frame full suspension bike and I was wondering if anyone in the neighborhood is selling one? Feel free to contact me at 425-890-6250! Thanks. ~Chloe Burrns

Boat For Sale

Skagit model rowboat, oars, could take small motor, 400- lbs, fiberglas, 5′ X 12′. $500 OBO    ~ John Egbert  360 383 8422


We have a big bag of mostly brown eggshells that I started salving for the chalk festival but we didn’t need them. Anyone have a use for them? ~ Fl!p


I Brought My Father With Me


Another, very sweet version

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

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