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CONTENTS 8/3/2020
Alert: Found Ring
Power Surge
Ballot Run
Fix It
Scam Alert
Local History
Thanks For Computer Help!
Nintendo Entertainment System?
Concert: Michael Marker And More
Radio Free Fl!p: Fashioned In The Clay


Found ring 2700 block Williams St. Call or text to identify and claim.  360.305.8961 ~ Mary Gorsuch


We had quite a power surge at our house on Elizabeth St, near Jefferson, when the car hit the utility pole this morning. Most lights in our house came on. Power surges can damage the protective electronics in GFCI receptacles and breakers. It’s not a bad idea to test these after any kind of surge or outage. Here’s a website that explains the process of checking GFCI receptacles if you’re not sure:

Todd Albachten-DeGolier, Elizabeth St


If you’ve waited a bit too long to get your ballot in by mail, I can pick yours up on Tuesday around 10am and deliver it with our family’s. Just email me at or text 360-389-6637. VOTE!  ~ Lizanne Schader on Victor


Appliance Depot is gone for good, but the technician is still here. I was an appliance technician for appliance depot, and while the plan was to just close temporarily due to Covid-19 AD couldn’t weather the storm. It’s a hard pill for me to swallow. I truly loved the mission, people, and working for such a great company. I’ve spent the last few weeks upset, stressed, and searching for jobs with no luck so far. I thought to myself why not try to continue the work you were doing for yourself and the community. While my wife and I don’t have the money to try and start a new business, I do have the will, want, and know how to repair, clean, and resale appliances at affordable prices to help a community in need. If you have appliances that you’ve replaced and want to get rid of, or appliances that are broken and you want to get fixed, please let me know! This is very new to me, so it is a work in progress for sure, but to continue Appliance Depots mission of salvaging appliances diverting them from the waste stream, protecting our environment, and working towards a more sustainable local economy is still a mission worth fighting for. I appreciate how amazing our community is and I hope to help my family, and the community thrive. Sorry for such a long post, I hope everyone is having a great day! If you have questions, comments, ideas, or want to donate an appliance feel free to give me a call! Also, I just finished repairing and cleaning a Amana gas dryer if anyone is in need of one (new rollers, and belt). Call to talk to me about pricing.  (Update: At the moment I don’t have any room to accept appliances at my house, but I am making house calls to fix appliances).  Justin Johnson (806) 500-6911


Bellingham Police Department

In the past few days we have become aware of a scam resurfacing in Bellingham and wanted to get the word out to warn the community not to fall for it. Here is how it goes –

Caller – “This is Deputy _____ from the Whatcom County Sheriffs Office and you missed jury duty and owe a fine. If you don’t pay a warrant will be issued for your arrest.”

Citizen receiving call – shocked the caller knows their name, which lends validity to the call.

Caller – “you need to pay the fine or a warrant will be issued.”

The caller then gets more and more manipulative and demands the citizen pay the fine and many of our citizens do for fear of the warrant. The citizen is then manipulated into going to a local store and purchasing a gift card to pay the “fine.” When the caller gets the number from the citizen on the gift card, the call immediately ends and the caller spends the money.

The truth –

– no government agency will EVER ask/demand you purchase a gift card to pay a fine – it is a total SCAM

 – no legitimate organization will demand you stay on the phone with them while you go to get the gift card and demand you not hang up or tell anyone – that is the sign of a SCAM

 – The Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office (nor any other law enforcement agency) will EVER call you to pay a fine, or bail, or hospital bill – especially not by having you purchase a gift card or money order – it is a total SCAM

 – if you answer the phone and hear any of the above, hang up the phone immediately.

Please do not fall for the scammers. If you feel there is some legitimacy to their call, hang up and call the specific or hospital department directly (or call the family member they claim to be in jail or injured.)

If you are scammed, please report it to local Law Enforcement as well as to either of these places:


I just wanted to chime in – this film is really exciting to me, and has a connection to Bellingham via dancer Syvilla Fort.  Her parents were married in Bellingham and her father John W.L. Fort and grandfather William Oldwin were proprietors of the Mobile Cafe here in the early 1900s.  There is an amazing photograph of the family and their cafe at the Whatcom Museum Photo Archives.  When I found the connection to Syvilla Fort, I was excited (as I have a dance background) whom I had never heard of.  She has been overlooked and it is so nice to see her getting some deserved attention. ~ Kolby LaBree


If you think you may have found one of the big hornets, contact the Washington State Department of Agriculture using the online reporting form at


I have a loaner keyboard, and three potential repair technicians. Thank you SO much!


My grandson Conor is looking to buy a Nintendo Entertainment System. I asked about year and model etc, and Conor replied, Just that it works and has all the cables and a controller. Just can’t be the re-make small one.” He’s trying to find one for his partner’s birthday, so they can practice Tetris according to tournament standards. I have no idea what any of that means, but Conor says the unit is about the size of a toaster, so I could handle the shipping. He’s down near Portland.  ~ Fl!p


Thursday Aug 6, noon to 2:30 PM


Bok, Trickett, Muir. So good to remember this lovely, hopeful song!

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

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