Contact Tracing Scams; Face Shields?; Vote; Fiddle Gathering; Rentals?; Song: The Water Is Wide

CONTENTS 7/25/2020
Contact Tracing Scams
Face Shields?
Fiddle Gathering
Seeking Housing
Temporary Housing WantedRadio Free Fl!p: The Water Is Wide


According to the health department website, legitimate contact tracers will not ask:
▪ For any financial information.
▪ For any personal information beyond name, address, phone number and date of birth.
▪ About your immigration status.
▪ For your Social Security number.
▪ For any fees or payment associated with contract tracing.
The Federal Trade Commission re-emphasized those points and added that it is important not to download anything sent from a contact tracer in an email or text. Real contact tracers will only send text messages saying that they will be calling you and will never ask you to click on any links or download anything.


A warning study from Switzerland that showed that everyone that wore a face shield but no mask got COVID-19 in one outbreak. Everyone that wore a mask stayed safe. Wear a mask, if you want to protect your eyes, then the face shield might help, but never wear it alone.

[At least not till we know more. From Dr Brown of Seattle, one of my most trusted sources.]


I like the meme that an election is not like a marriage, till death do us part. It’s more like a transportation system. Grab the available bus that takes you nearest to where you’re trying to go.


WHAT: ZOOM HOOM! (Zoom Hanging Out OMonday) Somewhere between a session, a workshop, a social hour, and a fiddle talk show?! Flexible content…

WHEN: Monday, July 27th 7pm-9pm 

WHO: You! Me (Cayley Schmid)! Your cat! Anyone who would like to be there! All instruments are welcome, folks who are just curious are welcome, folks that can only come for a minute or two are welcome, pretty much just a great group of friendly folks who like fiddle tunes who want to hang out with other friendly folks who like tunes.

Reasons to ZOOM HOOM:
– Seeing everyone’s faces and remembering we live in a lovely music community
– Having fun!
– Playing tunes/’jamming’, keeping our repertoires up
– Staying motivated to learn new music

I lead a few sets, someone else leads a few sets, we talk about violin strings for a while, someone’s pet knocks over their wine, etc. You don’t have to perform, you don’t have to know everyone already, you don’t even have to play an instrument. No one is put on the spot, but everyone is welcome to be there. If you would like to join in, YAY! We’d love to have you.Tip jar contributions are appreciated but not expected. Don’t worry if we don’t know each other yet, please email me and let me know you would like to be on the email list:


I lived on Elizabeth street about five years ago and loved it, and since then have cleaned many of your houses or watched your dogs. The old house I am living in now has had sudden mold growth and so I am looking for a new place to move; I would love to return to the Colombia-Eldridge neighborhood. I’m looking for a place to live for about two years while I prepare to buy my own home. I am a single, 33 year-old woman, self-employed as a professional editor. I have excellent renting history. I need pretty intense focus during the day while I work, so I’m looking for a quiet spot to live with plenty of natural daylight. When I’m not editing, I spend my time finishing my own book, going for hikes or runs, and cooking. I can afford up to $950+/- per month on rent and would love to be your neighbor. Thanks!  ~ Anni Kamola  360-389-6418


I have very close friends who are looking for be closer to family in Bellingham this Fall and would love to find a place to rent or house sit for at least a month starting at the end of August. They use to live here and are considering moving back for schooling for their two daughters from Juneau, Alaska. They can give excellent referrals. 3-4 bedrooms would be ideal. Please let us know if you or anyone you know is looking to rent out their home. Contact Kirsten Shelton- Thank you!
Trina Stiles
Victor Street


Karla Bonoff  sings and James Taylor on guitar, and finally joining in on vocal harmony. But I miss that last verse. There’s the verse that says Love grows old and waxes cold, and fades away like morning dew. But it doesn’t stop there. The last verse says, When sea sand turneth far inland, and mussels grow on every tree / When cockle shells turn to silver bells, then will I lose my love for thee. I will decide to love you anyway. Last night it was me and Zeke singing. Not as lovely, but it pleased us just fine. I love getting to make live music.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

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