Elizabeth Park Concert; Radio Free Fl!p: Moving Day

Contents 7/21/2020
Elizabeth Park Concert: 4Tens Band
Radio Free Fl!p: Moving Day

Online Thursday, July 23 6-8 PM
Playing Fun Classic Rock Party Music
Ian Bakke-Vocals
John Delaney-Guitar
Bob Oldham-Bass
Dale Kreiser- Drums

Here’s the link for YouTube


Here’s the link for Facebook:


And of Course, KMRE-FM 102.3 on your radio dial.

And here’s the link for the fresh off the presses Elizabeth Park Concert Series GoFundme, since we don’t have the ability to collect donations at the concerts.  


Thank you for your generosity. We could not bring this to you this year if it weren’t for the community support in previous years. We are very grateful.
Marla Bronstein


Twenty two years ago today, about this very time of day, I finished moving out of my home of 20 years. Zeke talked me into selling it and looking for a house to buy together. I never dreamed it would sell so fast! The very next day, I married Zeke, and there we were, homeless, with pretty much everything we owned in storage, except a handful of musical instruments, minimal clothing and some bedding. Two days of wedding (which means two days of anniversary every year!) And then we were off to guitar camp for three weeks of a PSGW Honeymoon, with 125 chaperons. We got back to Bellingham, found a place to rent, and started house hunting. It took a year and a half to find our beloved Cherry Street home. And here’s a song for the day.

Del Rey is an incredible guitarist, ukulele player, music teacher, old-time and blues historian, and mighty fine dresser as well! She teaches online these days. Join Belle and her ne’er-do-well feller Bill, as they try to escape their landlord in this cover of one of Charlie Poole’s classic songs, “Moving Day”. Film by Sage Lee


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