Missing Cat; Found Cat; Free Freezer; Keys; Tune: Anitra’s Dance

CONTENTS 7/20/2020
Missing Black Cat
Friendly Kitty?
Free Freezer
Found Keys Follow-Up
Radio Free Fl!p: Anitra’s Dance


Large black cat from 2300 block of Lynn Street.  No collar, comes to the name Jojo. Solid black, no chip; he was a stray that adopted us a few years ago.  He is VERY large. Please contact Marcie 360 739 8900, if you see him. Thank you. ~ Marcie Pittman


We live in the 2200 block of Victor Street & a very sweet kitty has been spending a lot of time here. He (she?) is a gray tabby with unusually fluffy fur and a bushy tail. He has no collar but is not thin or malnourished. We find him most days sitting in our garden beds and yowling for attention when we come outside. He will also come inside if we leave our back door open. Does this little sweetie have a home? We don’t want to encourage him to stay away from his place, but he seems as if he might be homeless, & if so, we’d like to take him in. I’m at susantonetta@gmail.com, or call 360-441-9900. Suzanne Paola


My parents have a 21 cubic foot Westinghouse (?) Energy Saver freezer.  They replaced it because it was icing up, but I believe it only needs a new door gasket. When I tried to get a new one for them, all of the retailers in town did’t have uprights. We were lucky to get one, but it’s only 17 cubic ft.  It was in a garage, but other then the gasket, it’s in perfect shape.  It’s quite heavy, so you will need at least two people to move it. Let’s just say, well made & no plastic.  When someone dibs it, this email account will be deleted.
Email: FreeFreezer@comcast.net
Dave Lind


After several (strange-ish) email exchanges with someone who wanted a description of the keys, but wouldn’t identify themself, the keys found at Little Squalicum Beach parking lot on Sunday have been turned over to the Bellingham Police Dept. ~ Piper Mertle


MoNo Guitar Duo plays Grieg • 4 Hands Guitar
ht/t Nancy Kennell. My family had a narrated version of the Pier Gynt Suite when I was a kid, and I used to love dancing to this section. These days I wrestle with the balance of the joy with which musicians have always fallen in love with and adopted each other’s music, and the power imbalances that can turn that enthusiasm into cultural appropriation. It’s an ongoing question. Watching this couple at play with each other, this arrangement looks like a co-operative game of I Dare You! wrapped up with Tag, You’re It!


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