Chalk Wrap-Up & Thanks; Crashed Computer; More Concerts? Rentals; Song: Working On Wings To Fly

CONTENTS 7/8/2020
Massive Thanks!
Technical Issues
Traveling Chalk
More Concerts?
Chalk Review
Rental Available
Room To Rent
Radio Free Fl!p: Working On Wings To Fly


To Marla Bronstein and all her interviewees for Chalk Talks: Miriam Barnett, Tim Douglas, Seth Fleetwood, Frank James, Hannah Stone, Gene Knutson, Aaron Darraugh, Janet Lightner, & Peter Roberts, who also led the Eldridge Society in donating $300 towards our chalk!

To Jonny Kemp & Noah Willams, our tech gurus who created the map – a Herculean effort if ever there was one. And to Marc Pierson, who got the tech ball rolling.

To the Columbia Neighborhood Association for support, both financial and concrete. David Crook gathered locations for the all the Little Free Libraries, and came up with money for post cards as well. And Jill MacIntyre Witt who helped with the signs.

To Franklin Academy’s Heather Black, who created and posted signs around the neighborhood, and to the signage hosts as well.

To artists Na’channa Edelstein and to Alaya Rousseau for the rainbow chalk page banner design and the postcard art.

To Alan Weydart at Dakota Art and Brittany at Dollar Tree for supplying chalk. And the Food Coop for supplying paper bags to help with chalk distribution.

To Columbia Elementary, Immanuel Bible Church, & Franklin Academy for their willingness to host sidewalk-less chalkers.

To Barbara Sardarov who made an urgent chalk run.

To photographers Emery Pass, Mark Allyn & Kyle Pennell.

To Colleen Harper of the Ferndale Arts Commission, who found me the link to the bright chalk.

To Laura Ridenour, former event planner, who got me set up with a spreadsheet.

To my beloved Zeke for supporting me and feeding me and endless kindness.

And to every Chalker and Musician and Parader and Photographer who brought their creativity and courage and beauty to build and strengthen connections in this dear community!

Oh dear! Who have I forgotten! Sorry!!!



I had a great time doing the ChalkFest. Thank you all! New activities bring new challenges and new chances to learn. Both the map and my computer have been kinda crashed since Saturday evening. There may have been more photos than we could handle. So I’m taking a bit of a break with a lot of personal nap time till I can get my computer back up and running well again (any volunteers out there?). If there’s urgent news, I’ll find a way to get it out.


I finally shared ChalkFestt on my personal facebook page, and with that plus the Herald article, it sounds like there may be other communities picking up our idea. I talked with an organizer in the small city of Liberty Lake this morning. Their Kiwanis club and parks & rec will fund and assist. There’s an area up in Cordata that is planning theirs for August 15. I’m so excited!


There seems to be interest in more concerts this summer. I’d love to help that happen. Any suggestions? Musicians could send me a post (give me three days notice because this blog sometimes has technical issues) with an address, time and description. How’s that for starters?


From Scott Welker: To you and all our neighbors, what a wonderful event! Instead of our usual “ball of multi color string” all gathered at Elizabeth Park, this year’s 4th felt more like those “string and nail” geometric patterns.  Every bit as lovely and communal! Also very friendly for those who wanted to take their time or go at their own time of day. (Bless the weather.) I would like to see a repeat. At some point. (First 4th we are safe to gather in park should be taken advantage of!) I particularly enjoyed the front porch concerts. Small audiences appropriately spaced. Amazing music! Many thanks to everyone!


Large daylight room (300 square feet) plus ¾ bath, shared laundry and kitchen in 1910 Columbia neighborhood house. Large side yard with small deck and raised gardens. Full-sized refrigerator included. Separate entrance with parking space off the alley. Unfurnished. $700/month.  First month’s rent plus $700 deposit. Single occupancy/No pets/No smoking.  Contact me at ~ Penny Chambers, Victor Street


Therapist/Artist seeks other professional person to share 2 Bedroom Victorian bungalow in Columbia Neighborhood. Home has a nice yard, backyard deck with BBQ ideal for outdoor dinning. Excellent neighbors. Garage has plenty of storage.  Share internet and other low cost utilities. No pets.  Available in August. Month to Month.

Ideal candidate will be independent and securely employed working at their place of business, have good references and blend well with a conscious healthy lifestyle. Email your info and situation to


Cindy Kallet

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

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