Chalk Wrap-Up; DropBox Help? Lots More; Song: How Could Anyone Ever Tell You?

CONTENTS 7/5/2020
Chalk Wrap-Up Part One
    Herald Chalk Story
    Oh Dear…
Dropbox Assistance?
Little White Dog Is Safely Home
Lost Package Found!
Grout Work?
Radio Free Fl!p: How Could Anyone Ever Tell You?


I LOVE all your glorious chalk!!! WOW! Such joy, creativity, engagement in the world. There were some pretty darned cool costumes too! And I loved how many of you stopped by.

Shall we do it again next year? Was this the First Annual?

I was fried last night, but have started loading/linking photos to the map today. I have no idea how to process the photos people texted and emailed to me, but hopefully I can find help to show me how. Or some volunteers to take over that part. Or maybe, if you are one of the people who emailed or texted me photos, might you try to upload them to the chalk page? I loved getting to see them! But I could use a hand getting them up online.

Here’s the link for posting. Once you’ve uploaded them, I still need to get in and link them to our map, so be patient.

The map doesn’t appear to run its best on all platforms. Or maybe it’s just too full! First, try waiting! My map appeared blank earlier, and I abandoned my computer and did a little bit of house cleaning after yesterday, came back, and there were photos! It was way easier to see the photos when I followed the instructions on the webpage to hide all the other layers. Look for the directions. Right now about 20 addresses show, but not yet the Park Street Peacock!

If you can’t get it to work, try a different browser and see if that helps. If it does, please let me know and I’ll spread the word.

Since it rained all week, and then cleared up yesterday, I spent all morning handing out chalk. Folks kept deciding to join in, and coming for chalk till about 1:30 in the afternoon. I was just thrilled!

And then all afternoon folks would call hoping I had “one more stick” of red, or blue, or green, or black and white. (I knew what that last had to be for.) I was touched that neighbors thought I personally cared about them and their artwork, and would want to help. And I did, and I could! It was really sweet to get to see what they were able to finish as I look at photos.

I still have a little chalk. Does anyone need just a bit more? Or a late-comer who would still like to chalk? I’ve got 3 sets left.

Zeke and I finally went out and walked around 10 or so blocks, about 8 PM. It’s the most we’ve been out since early March. I hadn’t even been to the end of our block! There were still lots of people out looking at chalk. They looked as tired as we felt. I suspect the streets will still be full today. No rain till Friday. The Herald is going to run a story so we may get more viewers from there. Turned out I didn’t need to worry about drawing crowds in such a big neighborhood. Except around the ice cream truck!

We couldn’t find the dragon! People kept telling us about the dragon. Does anyone know where it is? The peacock is at 2427 Park Street, and is well worth a visit! What else shouldn’t we miss?

I loved how my own chalk  project came out. But it isn’t easy to get a photo of it at 15 feet long! Still looks good this morning even though it got wet. You can’t see it from the street because of all my plantings between street and my chalk. Walk on the sidewalk if you want to see it. (Of course I did chalk! I wouldn’t ask you to do something I wouldn’t.) If some of you would like a garden tour, check with me to make an appointment. I was too busy to do more than a few yesterday.



I learned that our neighborhood is within a No Fly zone for photo drones, around our airport. Oh well! It was a lovely thought!


While it’s fresh on my and everybody else’s inner screen of the mind:

I want to thank you, the bubbling brook of pleasant, multi-aged neighbors springing forth from your local sources, meandering by foot and pedal through this neighborhood on a sun blessed day of sharing.

It was a joy enjoying you enjoying yourself – an exchange in the currency of the heart…

Yet, for kindling this opportunity and steaming us with steady pulls and pushes up this delightful “community hill” our respectful thanks and many humble hats shall go off to the mighty little engine in the red house with the green trim on Cherry Street.

In the name of the neighborhood I want to propose a toast from our collective front and back porches to the instigator of this :

Chalk it up , Fl!p !

Thank you so much !

Cheers !

Max Eberhard Eichner and household on Victor St.

[It’s me that should be thanking all of you! Who ever gets so many people adopting an idea and turning it into such a sweet reality, a dream come true? The little girl who lives deep in my heart says, THANK YOU! What a gift you’ve given me!  Love/Fl!p]


A little dab’l do you. Zeke’s got a split fingernail and our superglue definitely died long ago.


My dropbox is full, and so is my iCloud I think, and I would love help cleaning it out. I don’t want to pay $10 a month. All these photo transfers seem to demand dropbox or iCloud and both are demanding money. I’m a bit plotzed at the moment. I have an older MacBook Pro (2015). Any help out there?


Fräulein is found and home. Thanks to so many neighbors. You work like a charm! Eberhard Eichner


Yesterday’s lost package was just brought to me by a neighbor. It was delivered to them by mistake! ~ Laura Stone, Lynn Street


We’re looking for someone who can remove and replace the grout in our kitchen tiles. It’s a larger space. Please contact if you know and can recommend anyone! Thanks- Bob and Debra Hicks on W. North


I brought Libby Roderick, who wrote this song, to Bellingham from Alaska to play a Roeder Home concert many years ago. Much to my surprise, we had to do the concert in two shifts! I hope she is still that loved and celebrated everywhere she goes. I’m going to include a second link, of her live in concert talking about some background around the song, in case you’re curious.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

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