Fourth Of July Chalk Festival Today! Details; How Fauci Handles Daily Life; More. Tune x 3: Stars And Stripes Forever

CONTENTS 7/4/2020
  I Still Have Chalk
  Safe Social Distance
  Be Part Of The Show!
  How To Find The Map
  Upload Photos
  Twenty Lawn-Certs!
  Other Cool Festival Stuff
     Ice Cream Truck
How Fauci & Others Handle Risk In Their Personal Lives
Lost Package
Radio Free Fl!p: Stars And Stripes Forever


Join 170 neighbors! Sign up at if you can, and then call me at 360-671-4511 to let me know you’re coming. If the sign-up sheet has shifted over to photo uploading, you can sign up directly with me. I still have chalk sets here. I have chalk for you!


This festival is specifically designed for the pandemic. Our chalk is widely spaced (40 feet). Everything is outdoors. We’re wearing masks. We’re using our own bathrooms. Stay safe – cover your nose and mouth and stay at least 6 feet away from anyone who doesn’t live in your house. Further apart if you’re going to be there a while. This especially applies if you’ve invited a few friends or family to join you. Groups that don’t live in the same house should be limited in size to 5 people. I really believe we can do this safely. And I want to see photos of all the cool masks!


Let’s have a party!!! Please consider dressing up in party clothes, or costumes, or even halloween outfits when you go out for a Chalk Walk (or bike) to view all the creativity. That way, we’re all part of the show instead of some of us just being spectators or consumers. But of course, wait till you’ve finished your chalk so you don’t wreck your clothes!


On your computer or smart phone, go to

and scroll down to the very bottom of the screen. You’ll be seeing the Key or Legend to the map. Now scroll back up just a little. There’s the map! Slide the map around with one finger. There are little plus and minus signs to zoom the map, or use two fingers pulling apart or back together. Wiggle the “hand” that hovers on a dot to turn it into a pointing finger, then click and the address will show up, along with a description if the household entered one.


Sometime tomorrow this page will shift so you can upload photos to it, using a button. Once I’m done with my own chalk, I will start transferring your uploaded photos to the map so we can all see them. I want a virtual tour please! Share your chalk, and your chalkers, and the lawn-certs, and everything else that happens!


In no particular order. Look at the map… 170 households appear to have signed up for the festival. Wow! What if we threw a party and everyone came?

I’m not sure I found all of the musicians who signed up on the list, but here are at least TWENTY different groups playing music for us tomorrow!

Nobody’s going to play straight through for 3 hours, but what a wealth and a gift of music we have here in the neighborhood. I’m so glad it’s shining through! I wonder how many of them teach music. I can think of at least three more neighbors who teach, right off the top of my head. And they aren’t even on this list. I wonder who else we’re missing… Amazing!

2424 Park Street
Cabin Fever NW
Musical duo Cabin Fever NW (Tara Caldwell and Dianne Bochsler) will perform from 2 – 4pm, socially distanced from the front yard. Alternate Root magazine says “Imagine Simon and Garfunkel singing with the Carter Family’s devotion”. Original and traditional folk.

2116 Williams Street
Did you know it rains almost every Tuesday at 2:30 pm? Undaunted, we’ve been holding a few social distanced, outdoor practices! Beth Fuller, Laura Shelton and Lesley Rigg will be doing (and redoing) a set of 6 songs–a cappella–ranging from a 16th century madrigal to Traditional English Folk to the political/protest songs of Woody Guthrie and current folk artists Linda Allen and Artemisia.

2700 Victor St. #2
“Max” Eberhard Eichner
Ample spaced sets of several puppet theater displays of the Folktales and Fabled Fables by Puppeteer “Max” and Pappenspiel. Cartoon like blurbs will do some “telling” while you can spin the stories on your way … Extra special bonus: “Moments of fully masked and kept at arms length Puppet Walk-abouts will be happening to live music…

2720 Elm Street
We plan to decorate and designate the sidewalk in front of our house as the Dance Party Zone! We’ll be playing music from a PA speaker on our front porch and encouraging passers-by to dance-walk their way down the sidewalk through the “Dance Party Zone.”

2214 Williams Street
The Celtic Knots
Jason (handsome husband) and I will be attempting a colorful celtic knot pattern on the sidewalk, so I put the word out to some of my local ceilidh club friends, inviting them over to play some Irish Tunes with us. (Jas plays guitar, I play the penny whistle, most of our friends play fiddle.) Sounds like it might end up being a belated celebration of St. Patrick’s Day over here, in conjunction with Independence Day! Albeit at biologically appropriate distances. 🍀

1601 Broadway
Woodwind Trio
There will be “fun classical music for woodwind trio.” Details are Jennifer Weeks – oboe, Ken Bronstein – oboe, and Pat Nelson – bassoon, will be playing a variety of classical trios from 2:00 until we’re too tired to play anymore!

2132 Walnut Street
Acoustic guitar, alt Americana kinds of songs, family friendly and good for foot-tapping, like we might hear around a campfire. All covers..

2230 Utter Street
Chalk art and trombone music!

2415 Cherry Street
Come dance to some Kids-Bop while enjoying our sidewalk

2518 Cherry Street
Fl!p & Zeke: traditional and original folk. Possible garden tours. See the pterodactyl & the life-sized moss stag….

2510 Keesling Street
Old time fiddle tunes and classical cello

2618 Park Street
Singing folk songs on our front porch

2829 Lynn St
Pat and Gail MacDonald will do some familiar seasonal (summer) songs on ukulele between 3:00 and 4:00 in our driveway. (Birdhouse Studio)

2310 Williams Street
 CraigO’s Planet Groove will be playing in my yard from 2-5 ish depending on the weather.  Bringing our groove so that you can groove 🙂  Creative renderings inspired by the Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia Band, Kingfish, NRPS, New Orleans Second Line, Originals, and other groove-centric artists.

2618 Park
Thea Rosenburg and her family will be playing folk songs and hymns on our front porch at 4:00. We’ve got a passel of daughters, so this should be a fun sing-along for kids as well as adults. Come join us!

2939 Lynn
Lee Walkup driveway concert 3:30-5: Electric Piano – “Oldies but Goodies’ 30s to 60s.

2401 Lynn Street
The Random Orbit Sanders will be playing Americana tunes  from 1-3 on our porch. We play new music, old music, show tunes, banjo tunes, with a small amount of yodeling just because… yodeling. All acoustic: two guitars (or guitar and banjo), three voices and random tunes. We will be playing on our porch so it might be hard to see because of the fence, but we do better when no one is looking anyway!

2618 Park Street
Singing folk songs on our front porch

2404 Victor
My children are wonderful singers, one plays ukulele among other instruments. They are talented artists and painters as well.

1316 E. Maplewood
Americana music with singer/songwriter featuring covers and originals about family and this beautiful life. Long driveway but stop by and say hi!


Handmade Fabric Masks, produce, garden starts, soaps & lotions, pottery, turned wooden bowls, paintings, puppets, the Share Hut, the Share Shack, and Little Free Libraries are scattered through the neighborhood. Look for them as pink or gold dots on the map. And don’t forget the
11:30 – 11:40 at Immanuel Church and
11:40 – 11:50 at Columbia School.




A package was marked by USPS as delivered to me, but it was not. I’m hoping it may have been misdelivered to someone! ~ Laura Stone, Lynn Street


Chet Atkins plays Guy Van Duser’s arrangement

Bill Knopf on banjo

Jake Shimabukuro on ukulele

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

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