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CONTENTS 7/3/2020
Chalk Festival Tomorrow!
    I Still Have Chalk!
    Dakota Art Chalk
    May I Be Your Audience?
    Sign Up!
    Dress Up!
    Tomorrow’s Schedule
    Post Photos
    Stay Safe This Holiday
    All The Chalk Talks!
Free Fill Dirt
Radio Free Fl!p: Bread And Roses


Sign up here:
(Call me if you need help signing up: 360-671-4511)


Sign up at and then call me at 360-671-4511 to let me know you’re coming. I still have over 50 sets here. I have chalk for you!


I’m running low (but not quite out) just of vivid colors. If I do run out, or if you want larger quantities, Dakota Art down on Cornwall still has lots of bright chalk. They’ve got the big $20 sets, but they also have some lovely $8 sets. They do curbside if you need that. They close at 5 PM today, and of course they are closed tomorrow for July 4th. (360) 676-8918


If you’re kinda nervous about drawing with sidewalk chalk – I’ll be your audience! You can draw for me instead of “for the world.” For me the big thing is that we’re all doing something together and I’d love for you to be part of it. You can upload photos for me. I’d love to see!


Sometime tonight or tomorrow morning, Jonny will shift the website from sign-ups to uploads for your photos. So don’t wait for tomorrow to sign up! Signing up makes your house show up on the chalk map. Your name doesn’t show, though you can add it in the comments if you want. The more houses on your block sign up, the more likely neighbors are to wander down your street to see what you made. Neighbors can still sign up, and I have chalk for them.


We could play dress-up when we go out to Chalk Walk. How long has it been since you had an excuse to dress up? Fancy dress, cosplay or halloween costumes. You name it! Not required but welcome. As we wander, we can become part of the visual celebration.

But remember to wear clothes you’re willing to ruin while you play with chalk. Then go change to your party duds.


It looks like the weather tomorrow will be perfect! Dry and not too hot. Just a bit of a breeze, not windy.

Go out your front door and play with chalk. If you don’t have sidewalk in front of your house, We are invited to use the sidewalks (just the sidewalks) at three spaces, and I think there will be volunteers at 10 AM – at Columbia School (Walnut Street), Immanuel Bible Church (Lynn Street) and Franklin Academy (E Victor). If not, just space yourselves out as far apart as a house lot (40 feet) and play!

You can stop by our house for chalk. We’re at 2518 Cherry Street. It’s a red house with green trim. Call to say you’re coming: 360-671-4511.

10:00 – 2:00 Chalk!

11:30 Ice Cream Truck stops at Immanuel Bible Church

11:40 Ice Cream Truck stops at Columbia Elementary

(Times are approximate, visits are for around 10 minutes)

2:00 – 5:00 Chalk Walk! Go see what everyone else did. You might want to ride a bike because there are about 100 blocks in our neighborhood! Get some exercise. You can look at the chalk map on your phone to guide you.


Take photos of your chalk and of the chalkers and whatever else is going on, like concerts and crafts. I would also love to see photos of your masks! Who’s got a cool mask to show off?

Go to tomorrow afternoon, and the button you used to sign up will instead let you upload photos. It will take a while for your photos to show up on the map because I’ve got to transfer them each, one by one, but I will. And it means I get to see all the glorious things happening tomorrow, without leaving home. And so can everyone else. We’ll leave the photos up so you can show your friends and family.


Wear masks, distance 6 – 8 feet, avoid crowds. Alcohol and crowds are particularly dangerous together. Unfortunately, so is singing together, one of my favorite activities. Ever looked at your breath on a frosty morning? Think about that vapor cloud. You can’t see it when it’s not cold. Wear your mask to protect others. Bring hand sanitizer wherever you go. We can keep each other safe!


My most profound thanks to Marla Bronstein for creating this amazing series!

Chalk Fest 2020

Seth Fleetwood

Tim Douglas

Flip Breskin

Miriam Barnett

Hannah Stone

Gene Knutson

Frank James

Aaron Darraugh

Janet Lightner

Peter Roberts



Free Fill, Raised Bed- soil from our raspberry raised bed. You haul.  ~ Drew Winsor,


Dawn Landes, Alana Amram & Abigail Chapin

I was worrying about the Chalk Festival earlier today. Is it right to spend resources on chalk, on creativity, when there are people going hungry? And then I remembered this song, and the tears came. I don’t think it’s either / or. I think it’s both! This song is associated with a textile worker’s strike for a living wage, in 1912.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

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