Chalk Talk, Social Distancing, Chalk-ulele; Tonight: Racial Justice Forum; The Sweet Goodbyes; Subdued Stringband; More; Song: Love At The Core

CONTENTS 7/1/2020
Chalk Talk
   Hannah Stone
   Gene Knutson
   Dr Frank James
Social Distancing For Chalk
Tonight: Racial Justice Forum
Elizabeth Park Concert (Online)
    Tomorrow! The Sweet Goodbyes
Common Threads Farm
The Subdued Stringband Jamboree
Robert Sarazin Blake
Refrigerator Carton?
Radio Free Fl!p: Love At The Core


City Council Members

Hannah Stone

Gene Knutson

Former Whatcom County Public Health Officer

Dr Frank James


I’ve still got plenty of chalk and am still hoping you will join us. Please reach out to your neighbors and invite them to join us too, this coming Saturday morning. We’ve got 130 households so far. There is lots to see, spread out all over. We have plenty of room for 1700 households to chalk all at once, in front of their own homes, or at the schools or church. But if people think of Chalk Fest as just a spectator sport, we could get a little crowded during the afternoon. The Chalk Walk is from 2 – 5 PM, though you might want to ride a bike because there are something like 100 blocks in our neighborhood. Please, if you see a crowd, head for another part of the neighborhood.  Please do wear a mask or shield any time you’re coming near other people. Bring and use hand sanitizer as well. The rain is supposed to end on Friday, leaving plenty of beautiful dry sidewalks for the Fourth Of July.


Pat and I will do some familiar seasonal (summer) songs on ukulele between 3:00 and 4:00 in our driveway. 2829 Lynn St. (Birdhouse Studio)

Gail MacDonald


Wednesday, July 1st, 7 – 9 PM over Zoom

Hosted by the Bellingham Friends Meeting.
Look who is on the panel!

  • • County Executive Satpal Sidhu;
  • • Rosalinda Guillén of Community to Community;
  • • Bellingham Deputy Police Chief Flo Simon;
  • • Shirley Williams of White Swan Environmental and the Lummi Nation;
  • • Black entrepreneur Jonathan Randolph of Bellingham.


Thursday July 2nd @ 6pm The Sweet Goodbyes

Folk duo Amber Darland and Lisa Harmon have been performing individually throughout the Pacific Northwest for many years. In the spring of 2015, the two Bellingham based singer-songwriters discovered a kindred voice in each other and decided to launch the folk duo, The Sweet Goodbyes. This collaboration has revealed strength beyond the sum of its parts. With intricate melodies, weaving harmonies and lyrics that are both political and deeply personal, The Sweet Goodbyes offer their audiences a chance to witness something rare. Amber Darland and Lisa Harmon wear their hearts on their sleeves and together their voices blend flawlessly. You can’t help but feel good when you watch this duo perform live. The Sweet Goodbyes are full of charm and talent – sure to prick the ears and put a shiver up the spine. 

You won’t need to have Facebook to watch it there. If you do have a Facebook account, think about hosting your own “watch party.”

Or, you can listen to the livestream broadcast on KMRE-FM 102.3, every Thursday 6 – 8 PM from June 18 until August 20.


By this time in a “normal” year, Common Threads Food Educators have typically started leading summer camps. In this unusual year, things couldn’t be more different! But here is what is still the same: your help is still needed in the garden, kids can still cook with us (online, rather than in person!), and Common Threads is still working hard to get fresh food to those who need it most. Your help is really needed in school gardens this year! If you have some spare time, please consider signing up to volunteer to take care of gardens during the summer months. If you don’t have time, consider donating to support these efforts instead.

Laura Plaut


August 7th and 8th 

Livestreamed from Bellingham, WA to your backyard. All the info is Here

 The online merchandise store is open and orders received by today, July 1st, are guaranteed to reach you by August 1st.  Direct link to the merchandise page Here.

From The Kitchen Table Happy Hour
Every Thursday in July from 5 to 7 pm. Find the stream HERE.


Has anyone got a spare carton? I’m looking for a big one that’s still intact, or at least uncrumpled. Fl!p 360-671-4511


Betsy Rose wrote this back in the 1970s. It still rings true for me. I’ve been thinking about how people reach across the chasms that sometimes divide us and I remembered this song.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

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