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CONTENTS 6/29/2020
Chalk Pick-Up
Bring Your Own Chalk?
Chalk Music!
Kmre 102.3Fm Summer Fund Drive
Coviddle Tunes
Free Couch
Baby / Toddler Equipment
Radio Free Fl!p: Your State’s Name Here


If you’ve signed up and asked for chalk (I still have plenty!) just phone me to set up a time, and come pick it up. If signing up is daunting, I’ll be glad to help you. We’re up to 109 households! And more musicians are adding all the time…

Fl!p Breskin   2518 Cherry – red house with green trim   360-671-4511


Regarding “Another Chalk Idea”- IMHO it is not a good idea to encourage the sharing of chalk among neighbors and/or strangers i.e. “chalk left in place for use by passersby”. As neighborly as this would be in different times, given our current situation it could potentially be dangerous. Be safe and have a good day. ~ Tony Cava


In no particular order! Look on the map. I’ll publish a list of other fun plans as well. If you want to add more, or modify your description, I can help! Call me at 360-671-4511. ~Fl!p

2424 Park Street CABIN FEVER NW
Musical duo Cabin Fever NW (Tara Caldwell and Dianne Bochsler) will perform from 2 – 4pm, socially distanced from the front yard. Alternate Root magazine says “Imagine Simon and Garfunkel singing with the Carter Family’s devotion”. Original and traditional folk.

2116 Williams Street TRILLIUM
Did you know it rains almost every Tuesday at 2:30 pm? Undaunted, we’ve been holding a few social distanced, outdoor practices!  Beth Fuller, Laura Shelton and Lesley Rigg, AKA Trillium, will be doing (and redoing) a set of 6 songs–a cappella–ranging from a 16th century madrigal to Traditional English Folk to the political/protest songs of Woody Guthrie and Current folk artists Linda Allen and Artemisia.

2700 Victor St. #2 “Max” Eberhard Eichner
Ample spaced sets of several puppet theater displays of the Folktales and Fabled Fables by Puppeteer “Max” and Pappenspiel. Cartoon like blurbs will do some “telling” while you can spin the stories on your way …

Extra special bonus: “Moments of fully masked and kept at arms length Puppet Walk-abouts will be happening to live music…

2720 Elm Street  Dance Party Zone!
We plan to decorate and designate the sidewalk in front of our house as the Dance Party Zone! We’ll be playing music from a PA speaker on our front porch and encouraging passers-by to dance-walk their way down the sidewalk through the “Dance Party Zone.”

2214 Williams Street   The Celtic Knots
Jason (handsome husband) and I will be attempting a colorful celtic knot pattern on the sidewalk, so I put the word out to some of my local ceilidh club friends, inviting them over to play some Irish Tunes with us. (Jas plays guitar, I play the penny whistle, most of our friends play fiddle.) Sounds like it might end up being a belated celebration of St. Patrick’s Day over here, in conjunction with Independence Day! Albeit at biologically appropriate distances. 🍀

1601 Broadway   WOODWIND TRIO
There will be “fun classical music for woodwind trio.” Details are Jennifer Weeks – oboe, Ken Bronstein – oboe, and Pat Nelson – bassoon, will be playing a variety of classical trios from 2:00 until we’re too tired to play anymore!

2132 Walnut Street
Acoustic guitar, alt Americana kinds of songs, family friendly and good for foot-tapping, like we might hear around a campfire. All covers..

2230 Utter Street
Chalk art and trombone music!

2415 Cherry Street
Come dance to some Kids-Bop while enjoying our sidewalk

2518 Cherry Street  Fl!p & Zeke
Traditional and original folk

2510 Keesling Street
Old time fiddle tunes and classical cello

2618 Park Street
Singing folk songs on our front porch


Through July 1 at  Local non-profit all-volunteer community radio station KMRE is holding a Summer Fund Drive to replace the old audio board. KMRE has been broadcasting in Bellingham for over 15 years. It became a separate non-profit 2 years ago and broadcasts local voices and stories as well as Americana/roots/blues/jazz music. Some of our recent programming includes Bellingham/Whatcom Corona Virus stories with John Stark, Margaret Bikman and others, the Elizabeth Park Concert Series, as well as reporting live from the BLM protest in downtown Bellingham. These are challenging times for everyone, but if you can, please keep local voices on the air and donate at   ~ Suzanne Blais


Festival Of American Fiddle Tunes is still running online all this week. Free (but do please donate). Very cool music, workshops, and more.


FREE. Available now. This well-loved couch. A leather two-seater. It’s got many more years to go. Kiddo friendly. All ages, really. Read a book, take a nap, watch a movie, munch popcorn, catch up with a friend. ~ Lisa Citron <>


Red double Chariot (Cougar 2) for sale. Good condition, has many more years of life left. Comes with 2 harnesses, infant sling, rain cover, jogging wheel, and bike attachment. Email for photos/more info.

Also for sale: with a Joovy Room2 portable play yard. This is like a pack n play but larger square (about 40 x 40″). Comes with 2 sheets, carrying case, and 2″ custom memory foam that can be added to mattress for more comfort. Email for photos/more info.
Claire McPhee


Lou & Peter Berryman used to come through every few years. I sing lots of their songs. This one just cracks me up every time. As the pavement finally warms up for summer bare feet, this song came to mind. There really is a song for everything… almost.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

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