Concert Tonight: Chalk Talk; Suspicious Vehicle; Fireworks; Lots more; Song: Be Counted!

CONTENTS 6/23/2020
Elizabeth Park Concert Tonight!
Chalk Talk!
Chalk: Not Just For “Artists”
Suspicious Vehicle
Fireworks Details
Racial Justice Forum Postponed
Yard Sale
Radio Free Fl!p: Be Counted!


Thursday June 25th @ 6pm (We’ll see if this gets out in time…)

CraigO’s Planet Groove 

A blend of Grateful Dead-centric tunes, New Orleans Funk, and Originals. We’ll bring our groove so that you can groove.

You won’t need to have Facebook to watch it there. If you do have a Facebook account, think about hosting your own “watch party.”

Or, you can listen to the livestream broadcast on KMRE-FM 102.3, every Thursday 6 – 8 PM from June 18 until August 20.


Thank you SO much to Marla Bronstein for creating all these fun 2-minute videos! This one is an overview with a few words from all the Chalk Talkers.


I want YOU!!! Our chalk festival on the Fourth Of July doesn’t have to be fancy or professional or anything like that. My vision is that we get to do something together, as a neighborhood. We get to enjoy each other’s sense of fun. We get to play together, and connect, even while we stay safely socially distanced. And I have lots of chalk to share! Come and get it!!! Sign up, so your place shows up on the map. Invite your neighbors, personally. That would be a big favor to me. 

We’ll spend Fourth Of July from 2 – 5 PM strolling around to see what happened. And checking out all the music. Sounds like there’s going to be a lot of that too. Sign up now, and come pick up your chalk. I’ve got a couple hundred sets here, waiting for you!
Fl!p Breskin
2518 Cherry Street


I’m the Bellingham Police Department’s Behavioral Health Officer, Zack Serad. I assigned myself to a suspicious vehicle case on 06/23/2020. A neighbor called 911 reporting that a black 2007 Toyota Camry, WA/ASX6711 was circling the neighborhood several times. The caller was able to obtain the above-mentioned license plate. Further investigation lead to a male driver who was positively identified by the 911 caller. The male was contacted by police. He claimed to be in the area to listen to live music. It was confirmed that the male had no legitimate reason to be in the neighborhood. He was warned that any further witnesses calling his vehicle in would prompt further police actions. He was contacted by Bellingham PD nearly a decade prior in your same neighborhood due to similar actions. 

Neighbors are asked to call 911 and reference case #20B35684 if the above-mentioned vehicle is seen in the Columbia neighborhood only. At this point, there is nothing criminal in nature due to his actions and the investigation will be closed. 

Z. Serad
Behavioral Health Officer
Bellingham Police Department
(360) 778 8777

[Please do not hesitate to call 911 if you see this vehicle. I am very pleased that we’re getting a handle on this problem quickly this time. We absolutely can handle this. Love/Fl!p]


All consumer fireworks are prohibited within City limits.  Only trick and novelty devices are allowed.

Trick or novelty device means any small fireworks devices that are not regulated as explosives and are not classified as consumer or display fireworks by the United States Department of Transportation……and includes the following:

  • Snakes, glow worm.
  • Party popper.
  • Snapper
  • Toy smoke devices.
  • Toy Caps.
  • Trick and novelty devices does not include any kind of sparklers……

Please call 911 if consumer fireworks are being used near you.  The more detail you can give to the location of the fireworks the more likely patrol will be able to locate them and confiscate them. 

Also, please call 911 if homemade fireworks are located such as sparkler bombs, chemical reaction bombs (dry ice and acid usually placed in a two liter soda bottle), tennis ball bombs (often filled with match sticks) or anything else that looks homemade.  Do NOT move these yourself they are highly volatile!

Have a safe and happy Fourth!
Katrin Dearborn | Outreach Officer
Bellingham Police Department


Because of the technical problem of people not allowed in after 100 (including some of the presenters), they will reschedule. If you wish to be notified when this event is rescheduled, send an email to:


Saturday June 27th, 9 am – 2 pm. Priced to Sell!
2604 Jefferson Street (at the far west end)

Lots of children’s toys: legos, matchbox cars, Build-a-Bear clothes and stuffies, Stuffed animals, etc. I don’t want all this in the landfill, I want to pass it on – even if the exchange is 25 cents. We also have a 1950’s formica table and household stuff. Women’s Chicos clothing size 2 and 3.

Colleen Haggerty, Jefferson Street


This manages to be a public service announcement about the census, and a joyful musical at the same time. Pretty fun!

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

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