Masks Required; Chalk Map & Free Chalk; Public Restrooms; Justice Forum; Lots More; Song: Welcome To The World

CONTENTS 6/23/2020
Masks Are Now Required State-Wide
Chalk Map
We Have Free Chalk!
Public Restrooms
Racial Justice Forum
BAAY Arts Enrichment For Kids This Summer
Clearcut Proposed
Spare Tomato Cage?
Rental Wanted
Radio Free Fl!p: Welcome To The World



The chalk map is starting to look pretty decorative itself! Sixty sign-ups, color coded by age: child, teen, adult, whole family. Plus who’s playing music or displaying other kinds of arts or crafts. There’s room in the “other” category for plant and flower stands, produce sales and the like as well. Each location has a pop-up where you can describe what you’re planning. Go click on a few. There’s some amazing creativity coming up! And all the Little Free Libraries in the ‘hood have been located (we think). If we missed one, let me know! And thank David Crook for researching this. When you go to the map, keep scrolling clear to the bottom of the page, and there is a key for the different tags. (Thank you Jonny Kemp!!!)


Come and get it! I was so worried we wouldn’t have enough, but we’re doing fine. We’re happy to supply you! Email to let me know you’re coming, and treat my phone as a doorbell. And if you’re willing to pick up a few postcards to hand to friends and neighbors to encourage them to sign up as well, please let me know. I’d love your help!

Fl!p Breskin
2518 Cherry Street

From the Washington Post

First, wear a mask and clean your hands before you go in, says Gretchen Snoeyenbos Newman, an infectious-disease physician at the University of Washington. Once in the restroom, do your business, and before you flush, close the lid (if there is one). The coronavirus has been found in feces, and although it’s not clear yet whether it spreads this way, a new study suggests that “plumes” from the toilet when flushed may spread the virus.

When you’re done in the stall wash your hands with soap and water and dry them with whatever is available. Some studies have suggested that air dryers could potentially blow pathogens around the room, but it’s not clear that this is a source of covid-19 spread. “I would preferentially use a paper towel, but the air dryers aren’t enough of a worry to not use them,” Snoeyenbos Newman says. Don’t touch your phone or your face while you’re in the restroom, and as soon as you’re out, clean your hands again with a sanitizer, to make sure you didn’t pick up anything from the door. Do all of this, and you should be fine, Snoeyenbos Newman says.

[Plan on using only your own bathroom during the Chalk Festival. For most of us that should be easy – just walk back in your front door. Schools and churches will be closed; we’re just using their sidewalks. Worst case, head for Elizabeth Park, where the public restroom is open, rather than asking a neighbor if you can use theirs, for their safety.]


Wednesday, June 24, 7 – 9 PM over Zoom.
Hosted by the Bellingham Friends Meeting.
Look who is on the panel!

  • • County Executive Satpal Sidhu;
  • • Rosalinda Guillén of Community to Community;
  • • Bellingham Deputy Police Chief Flo Simon;
  • • Shirley Williams of White Swan Environmental and the Lummi Nation;
  • • Black entrepreneur Jonathan Randolph of Bellingham.


BAAY (Bellingham Arts Academy for Youth), a local nonprofit that has been hit hard by the COVID-related closures, has pulled together a great lineup of arts classes for kids 5-18 this summer! Singing, dance, stage combat, music theory, theatre tech, Shakespeare, and more – all currently planned courses are at – the first session starts next week (June 29) and the second session starts July 27. BAAY has lots of options for kids to learn specific skills as they also connect with a supportive community. 

These classes are a perfect gift to give from grandparents too! Financial aid is available, and on that note, tax-deductible donations are welcome and vital to make these programs accessible for ALL local children – you can make a difference for local kids at  Please email Mikyn at with any questions about supporting BAAY.


I have heard from multiple neighbors about this out-of-the-blue project, in the headwaters of the North Fork Nooksack River in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. Over 1,400 football fields of forest clearcuts are proposed without assessing the impacts on the Nooksack watershed, crucial habitat for Chinook salmon. Clearcutting increases the risk of landslides and degrades the water running into the Nooksack. The deadline for public comment is July 2nd.


Fl!p is looking for just one.


I have a friend looking for a 2 bedroom apartment or house in the Columbia
neighborhood. Ideally, available as soon as possible and in the range of
$2000/mo. She is former resident of Columbia, non-smoker, professional
woman – with no pets. Please email me and I will put you in touch!
Lise Grace on Lynn St.


Si Kahn & John McCutcheon. In honor of Ruby Linn, born today. My dear friend (and magnificent banjo player) Laura Smith-Clawson’s granddaughter. Mazel Tov!

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

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