Chalk Talk: Janet Lightner, Bright Chalk, Help!; Racial Justice Forum; Police Oversight; More; Song: Our Four Fathers

CONTENTS 6/22/2020
Chalk Talk: Janet Lightner
Bright Chalk Has Arrived
Spread The Word!
Mask Enforcement?
Racial Justice Forum
Police Oversight & Other Discussions
Backyard Loitering
Father’s Day!
Radio Free Fl!p: Our Four Fathers


Boundary Bay Brewery general manager, who loves and enables creativity!


If you signed up for free chalk and have been waiting for the bright chalk sets to arrive, so have I. It’s here! Call me to let me know you’re coming, and I’ll have your chalk waiting on the front porch with your name on it. I got 50 sets, available on a  first come, first served basis. If you haven’t signed up yet, do it now at


I’d love your help spreading the word about the Chalk Festival! There’s now an event page on Facebook and another on NextDoor. And there are always neighbors across the street or back fence…

We’ve got 50 neighbors signed up for the Chalk Festival so far and I’m thrilled to have them. But we have room for 1700 households, safely socially distanced! And I have a couple hundred sets of chalk to give away. So I’m working on other ways to get the word out. I’d love your help inviting people. And do sign up yourself!

This afternoon I got 200 postcard size invitations printed and would love help passing them out. Pick them up from me here at 2518 Cherry Street and pass them to your neighbors. (The artwork on the postcard was created by neighbor Alaya Rousseau.)

Is there someone who would volunteer to put a few in each neighborhood Little Free Library? David Crook, from the neighborhood association board, researched and created a list of all the local boxes, and Jonny Kemp added them to our neighborhood map. The map is at the bottom of the sign-up page: 


Wondering why Whatcom isn’t enforcing its face-covering directive? These are the reasons.


Wednesday, June 24, 7 – 9 PM over Zoom.
Hosted by the Bellingham Friends Meeting.

Look who is on the panel!
• County Executive Satpal Sidhu;
• Rosalinda Guillén of Community to Community;
• Bellingham Deputy Police Chief Flo Simon;
• Shirley Williams of White Swan Environmental and the Lummi Nation;
• Black entrepreneur Jonathan Randolph of Bellingham.

Our diverse panelists will discuss their perspectives on police violence, and next steps we can take as a community to nurture racial justice in Bellingham and Whatcom County. The scope of the discussion will address both practices (such as how individual law enforcement officers deal with a specific incident) and our broader priorities and goals as a community.

This panel brings together people with a wide variety of life experiences and professional expertise, which we hope will lead to a lively and collaborative exchange.


There is a lot going on right now both nationally and locally.


We awoke Monday morning (June 22) with a bunch of random items in our back yard/driveway that abuts the alley — a pair of running shoes, several small rocks, a cup, a gold-tone coffee filter, a small purse (empty), an electronic device from something, and a pile LEGOs (with a little motorized car), several books, some sheet music, a broken Christmas tree ornament.  The LEGOs and rocks were arranged as if a child had been playing with them.  If you are missing any of these items, please let us know.  As far as we can tell, nothing of ours was stolen or damaged.
Gena & Jason Pass
2627 Utter Street


I missed sending a Father’s Day greeting to all the Dad’s out there yesterday, so here’s a song for you today, a bit belated but oh so sincere!


A light-hearted look at all the old tropes we learned in school, and are currently re-evaluating. The re-evaluation is long overdue.

John Knowles wrote this with his son Jay, when Jay was just a little kid after Jay observed that Benjamin Frank-o-lin rhymed with Abraham Linc-o-lin. Jay is all grown up and one of Nashville’s top songwriters these day. For the guitar junkies on the list, John tours with Tommy Emmanuel, and is one of only four CGPs (Certified Guitar Player) ever awarded by Chet Atkins (who invented the designation). John gave up being a genuine rocket scientist for NASA to go play guitar with Chet. The world is lucky!

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

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